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3892a8d welcome to ripple
Gord Tanner (macbook) authored
1 .idea/*
2 node_modules/
3 build/.idea/*
4 solution/.idea/*
5 .project
6 .settings
7 *.DS_Store
8 tags
9 *.*~
10 *.swp
11 www/*
0063a67 @nukulb Refactored the build script to include some better variables and adde…
nukulb authored
12 build_output/
86cb2e0 @brentlintner moved build output directory from ../ripple_build to pkg
brentlintner authored
13 pkg
839b356 @dansilivestru updated .gitignore
dansilivestru authored
14 /plugins
7b51935 @dansilivestru final implementation of npapi plugin
dansilivestru authored
15 services
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