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Release for v0.9.11 #675

merged 7 commits into from Jan 12, 2013

4 participants


All changes can be found in doc/

dansilivestru and others added some commits Jan 11, 2013
@dansilivestru dansilivestru Removed page relaod warning
updated the system to only display this message
if a page is reloading more then 3 times in a row in
quick succession. Also modified the user messagign to
be more explicit.

Removed references to window.tinyHipposReload as it is
no longer needed.

fixes issue #533
@brentlintner brentlintner Revert "updated version to 0.9.11"
This reverts commit f5495c5.

This was a bit pre-maturely done since there ended up being some more
commits to go in before the release (and leaving this version change
prior but tagging after would be confusing).
@brentlintner brentlintner Bump version to 0.9.11.
Update `doc/` appropriately.
@brentlintner brentlintner The latest changelog (0.9.11) had an invalid link.
FAIL (on my part).

Nice work guys.

@brentlintner brentlintner merged commit 6a8558b into master Jan 12, 2013

Thank you very much for the great work !!

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