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Integration with Cascades? #24

jgranick opened this Issue June 14, 2012 · 0 comments

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Joshua Granick
Joshua Granick

I have been thinking about including support for a WebView, or adding native UI elements. I am curious if you guys have had an opportunity to work with Cascades?

Everything works perfectly on top of SDL, but I am not sure if SDL and Qt will integrate well.

It seems tricky to make sure that rendering continues to work at high frame rates, while providing an opportunity to display interface elements that are still responsive.

If the entire application was run through the ForeignWindow interface for Cascades, I'm concerned that it would affect performance, even if it was made to work. Nevertheless, in the case of a WebView, it would not be necessary to display Cascades and the game at the same time, though it is obviously more flexible/versatile if they can be mixed more thoroughly.

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