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Scoreloop Integration - Show integration with BPS event system - v1.0.09

These samples demonstrate how to integrate Scoreloop with the BPS event
system, make some API calls and receive data in callbacks.

This repository contains three sample applications:
 - Managed: Eclipse toolchain used to build, configurable through Project
     Properties dialog
 - Makefile: Builds with a Makefile, allows you to tweak all build settings
 - Cascades: Shows how to use Scoreloop in an application built with the
     Cascades UI framework and Qt toolchain.


- BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK or later
- One of the following:
- BlackBerry® 10 smartphones running BlackBerry® 10 OS or later
- BlackBerry® 10 simulator running BlackBerry® 10 OS or later

Importing a project into the Native SDK:

1. From the the Sample apps page, download and extract the sample application.
2. Launch the Native SDK.
3. On the File menu, click Import.
4. Expand General, and select Existing Projects into Workspace. Click Next.
5. Browse to the location where you extracted the sample app, and click OK.
The sample project should display in the the Projects section.
6. Click Finish to import the project into your workspace.
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