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This extension provides clipboard read/write access for blackberry WebWorks applications.

Authors: Martin Kleinschrodt

Tested On

  • BlackBerry Tablet OS v 2.0.0

Have a problem with this extension? Log an Issue or contact the Author

How to install this extension

  1. Download the source from this repository and extract it to a location on your computer.

  2. Using File Explorer browse to the downloaded source code for this extension: Tablet\Clipboard.

  3. Copy the downloaded Tablet\Clipboard\blackberry.clipboard directory to the extensions directory for the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS. The default path for this location is C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for TabletOS\bbwp\ext.

NOTE: Be sure to back-up this ext\blackberry.clipboard directory in your WebWorks SDK extensions directory before performing a WebWorks SDK upgrade. Simply copy it back into the ext directory after you have completed your SDK upgrade.

Required Feature ID

Whenever you use the below feature id in any of your WebWorks applications this extension will be loaded for use.

<feature id="blackberry.clipboard" />


Write text to clipboard:

blackberry.clipboard.setText("some text");

Get text from clipboard:

var text = blackberry.clipboard.getText();