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tneil commented Jul 18, 2012

I've been talking with Ken over the past little while about how we would like to find a way to integrate the Community APIs into the HTML5/WebWorks API reference. That way people can also discover/use all the great APIs that the community has created.

I figured I would make the desire official and create an issue to log the progress

Suggested steps

  1. Create a branch in the WebWorks-API-Docs repo so that the authors of the Community APIs can create jsdoc files for their APIs

  2. Create a flag in our jsdocs to indicate that the API has been contributed by the community with a path to the github directory containing the API source and its configuration details

  3. Update the contribution process to the Community APIs repo to include a jsdocs file added to the WebWorks-API-Docs repo

  4. Integrate the jsdocs branch with the community APIs into the main website documentation once we have them all authored

Comments, Questions, Concerns???

Bueller?? Bueller??



peardox commented Oct 16, 2013

I like this one but notice that the WW APIs are well out of date

Would it be possible to get started on this with the (buggy) WW APIs being updated

I took the WW API dox as the basis of a very nice little reference ebook for testing many months ago but Git ref is rather out-dated

I have no problems with documenting my own APIs

@timwindsor - wanna play?


timwindsor commented Jan 20, 2014

I've been working with the Docs team on this for some time now. They are going to base their content on the Readme's in each platform directory, and the plugin's readme. Don't have a firm commitment on an ETA at this time.

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