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Media Barcode Updates #97

merged 2 commits into from Dec 12, 2012

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hjung commented Sep 11, 2012

I refactored the media barcode application to allow users to specify individual barcodes. This will improve the time it takes to scan a barcode.
i also fixed issue 95 that I opened.

I added additional features to set camera and zoom controls.

I also fixed the issue of the player not closing when the user hits the back button or decides to close the scanner and then wants to rescan again. This was causing an exception to be thrown. it now handles the back button press and the menu close is overridden by the scanner screen class.

HyunJun Jung added some commits Sep 10, 2012
HyunJun Jung Moved the xml definition to the top of the file. 09aa989
HyunJun Jung
I re-factored the barcode scanner to allow for webworks applications to define specific barcodes that you wish to scan. Lowering the barcode hints down to specific barcodes reduces the amount of time it takes to determine the barcode.
I refactored the way the arguments are read into the ScanBarcodeAction so it is done more efficiently. now supports setting autofocus, macro focus, digital zoom, and optical zoom. Note: optical zoom is not widely implemented and will throw a popup error on the screen if not supported.
Refactored the key listener for the back button to handle closing the camera player properly
Added methods to handle setting auto focus, macro focus, digital zoom, and optical zoom.

Fixed the xml definition.
Open Source Projects member
kwallis commented Sep 11, 2012

Awesome, thanks! So that we can merge this in, would you please take a look at the following page and submit a CLA?

@astanley, code review perhaps?

@timwindsor timwindsor merged commit bc6243f into blackberry:master Dec 12, 2012
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