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Contributing A BlackBerry 10 Extension

Start with the Template sample and copy it to a new location, with a name change to reflect it's capabilities. Follow the instructions in the Template readme to adapt it to your needs.

Community extensions available

  1. Template

    1. test() - returns a string from native.
    2. testInput(string) - supplies input and returns it as part of another string.
    3. templateProperty - numeric property that can be set and retrieved.
    4. testAsync(callback) - asynchronous call that fires the callback when complete.
    5. testAsyncJSON(callback) - asynchronous call that fires a callback which receives a JSON object.
    6. testAsyncJSONio(json, callback) - asynchronous call that takes JSON data and sends a modified JSON object on the callback.
    7. startThread(callback) - starts a thread that fires events to a callback.
    8. stopThread(callback) - ends the thread that is firing the callback.
  2. Prevent Sleep

    1. setPreventSleep(boolean) - true prevents the screen from sleeping, false allows it to.
    2. isSleepPrevented - true if sleep is prevented, false otherwise.
  3. LED

    1. var id = community.led.startLed("FFFF00", "10") - start the LED blinking with the given colour, for the number of times requested. 0 is indefinite.
    2. community.led.stopLed(id) - stop the LED blink request with the given id.
  4. thumbnail

    1. createThumbNail(path, {width: width, height: height, quality:quality}) - Create a thumbnail of the image at "path" with the given options.
  5. UNZIP

    1. unzipPackage("shared/documents/bbtest.zip", "shared/documents/") - unzip the given file to the directory given.

    1. vibration_request({ "duration" : [int: duration], "intensity" : [int: intensity]}, [function: callback]) - vibrate phone with given intensity and duration, with optional callback.
  7. BarcodeScanner

    1. startRead(codeFound, errorFound, "myCanvas", onStartRead) - Scan for barcodes and paint viewfinder on myCanvas
    2. stopRead(onStopRead, errorFound) - stop the reading process
  8. ScreenDisplay

    1. var result = community.screendisplay.sdgetsize();

    Result is a javascript object with the following properties

    	pixelWidth,      // Pixel Size - width
    	pixelHeight,     // Pixel Size - height
    	physicalWidth,   // Physical Size mm - width
    	physicalHeight,  // Physical Size mm - height
    	ppmm,            // Pixels Per mm
    	ppmmX,           // Pixels Per mm - X
    	ppmmY,           // Pixels Per mm - Y
    	ppi,             // Pixels Per Inch
    	ppiX,            // Pixels Per Inch - X
    	ppiY,            // Pixels Per Inch - Y
    	pixelShape;      // Physical Shape
  9. deviceInfo

    1. getModelNumber() - returns model number such as 'Z10', 'Q10', 'Q5'
    2. getRoamingStatus() - return Roaming Status of the device as 'true' or 'false'
    3. getMCC() - returns Mobile Country Code
    4. getMNC() - returns Mobile Network Code, that identifies the carrier
    5. getNetwork() - returns a JSON object with information about the current default connection.
    6. hasPhysicalKeyboard() - returns 1 if device has a hardware keyboard, or 0 otherwise.
  10. gseCrypto

    1. hash( params ) - Hash using any SHA or AES CBC algorithm
    2. generateKey( params ) - generate a key using AES CBC
    3. encrypt( params ) - encrypt the input using AES CBC
    4. decrypt( params ) - decrypt using AES CBC
    5. random( size: int ) - return a random data string of the given length
  11. clipboard

    1. community.clipboard.getText() - Get text from clipboard.
    2. community.clipboard.setText( string ); - Set string to clipboard.