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Camera API broken on Tablet OS 2.0 #51

astanley opened this Issue · 3 comments

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What? Camera view port does not open when invoked. Does open when you navigate away from the page.

Confirmed using

Sometimes it works fine, sometimes not. Suspect a timing/rendering issue introduced in 2.0.


I also had issues with the Camera API. I tracked the problem down, and suspect that other APIs may be affected.

The issue is discussed on the BB support forums here. The suggested fix is finding the affected APIs _dispatch source file (eg. bbwp/ext/ and changing line 35 from request.makeAsyncCall(); to request.makeSyncCall();.

@dansilivestru dansilivestru referenced this issue from a commit in dansilivestru/WebWorks-TabletOS
Dan Silivestru fixes issue #51 3edc197

I think the problems are much worse than switching from sync to async.

On my playbook I am currently getting the camera showing up and both the error and success callbacks are being invoked.

The success callback is called with an array with a bunch of objects that look like:

    fullPath: undefined,
    lastModifiedDate: undefined,
    name: undefined,
    size: undefined,
    type: undefined

Ignore my last comments ;) Was more a problem with cordova.js than this API :)

The switch to sync does "fix" this issue and cordova is bypassing this API call until this is fixed.

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