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HTML5 & Javascript Forms - onChange not being triggered #122

liammccann opened this Issue Jun 25, 2012 · 2 comments

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If you use an input type of date or time this issue occurs,

But all other input types seem to work fine. The forum link with example code is:

As it would not allow me to post HTML correctly here.

When using time,date,select on change isnt called, Its strange because if you type stuff in its called but when blakcberry native date or time and you it pritns it to the form but doesnt call on change...

But when using a on change is called when it changes... Seems to be another Webworks bug... Work arounds or solutions?

vip32 commented Jul 4, 2012

can confirm this and it really sucks. no ui-model binding, no validation ... ohhw man :(

@mikefromcanada mikefromcanada referenced this issue in blackberry/bbUI.js Mar 1, 2013

onchange not firing for Date input type #733


Having the same issue

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