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#textdomain wesnoth
EASY= _ "Easy"
NORMAL= _ "Medium"
HARD= _ "Hard"
NIGHTMARE= _ "Nightmare"
liminal_description= _ "Liminal units fight better during twilight while fighting normally during day and night.
Twilight: +25% Damage"
lawful_description= _ "Lawful units fight better during the day, and worse at night.
Day: +25% Damage
Night: −25% Damage"
neutral_description= _ "Neutral units are unaffected by day and night, fighting equally well under both conditions."
chaotic_description= _ "Chaotic units fight better at night, and worse during the day.
Day: −25% Damage
Night: +25% Damage"
#naming of terrain features
bridge_name= _ "$name|’s Bridge,$name|’s Crossing"
road_name= _ "$name|’s Highway,$name|’s Pass,Path of $name"
river_name= _ "$name River,River $name"
forest_name= _ "$name Forest,$name|’s Forest"
lake_name= _ "$name Lake"
mountain_name= _ "$name|’s Peak,Mount $name"
swamp_name= _ "$name|’s Swamp,$name|marsh,$name|fen"
village_name= _ "$name|bury,$name|ham,$name|ton,$name|bury"
village_name_lake= _ "$name|harbor,$name|port,$lake|port,$lake|harbor"
village_name_river= _ "$name|ham,$name|ford,$name|cross,$river|ford,$river|cross,$name on river"
village_name_river_bridge= _ "$river|bridge,$river|bridge,$river|bridge,$name|ham,$name|bridge,$bridge|ham,$bridge|ton"
village_name_grassland= _ "$name|ham,$name|ton,$name|field"
village_name_forest= _ "$name|ham,$name|ton,$name|wood,$name Forest,$forest|wood,$forest|ham,$forest|ton"
village_name_hill= _ "$name|ham,$name|bury,$name|ton,$name|hill,$name|crest"
village_name_mountain= _ "$mountain|mont,$mountain|cliff,$mountain|bury,$mountain|ham"
village_name_mountain_anonymous= _ "$name|ham,$name|bury,$name|ton,$name|mont,$name|mont,$name|cliff,$name|cliff"
village_name_road= _ "$road|’s Rest,$road|’s Waypoint,$road|bury,$road|ham,$name|bury,$name|ham"
village_name_swamp= _ "$name|bury,$name|ham,$name|ton,$swamp|bury,$swamp|ham,$swamp|ton,"
range_melee= _ "melee"
range_ranged= _ "ranged"
#damage types
type_blade= _ "blade"
type_pierce= _ "pierce"
type_impact= _ "impact"
type_fire= _ "fire"
type_cold= _ "cold"
type_arcane= _ "arcane"
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