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Example applications built with the BlackBerry Spark Communications Services SDK for JavaScript. For Android, iOS, and Linux examples see:,, and
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BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

BlackBerry Spark Communications Services is an IP-based cloud communications platform that lets you easily create powerful new experiences between your users, machines, and IoT devices. Its enterprise-grade communication and data sharing functionality can be integrated directly into your Android, iOS and web apps. With end-to-end encryption, digitally signed messages, and guaranteed data delivery, Spark Communications is a secure CPaaS (communications platform as a service) solution that can enable you to build powerful connections around the world, while keeping everything safe and secure in a “private garden” communication system.

Examples for JavaScript

This repository contains code for JavaScript example applications that you can use to help build your messaging solution with Spark Communications Services.

Example Application Description
QuickStart Build a basic application to initialize and authenticate
SimpleChat Build a basic chat application
ClickToChat Integrate chat into your website
ClickToCall Integrate voice calling into your website
BBM Bot Build a bot running in Node.js which can send messages to, and receive messages from, other Spark Communication Services clients
ThreadedChat Build an application that demonstrates how a user can post comments on a chat to build a threaded conversation
KeyProviderServer Build a Node.js server that demonstrates how your application can enforce access control to a cloud storage solution
Data Transfer Build an application to send files over a secure peer-to-peer connection
Raspberry Pi IoT Sample Build an application that securely communicates with an IoT device (LED controlled by a Raspberry Pi)

For more details on all the Spark Communications Services examples see the online Developer Guide.

Getting Started

These samples require the Spark Communications SDK for JavaScript, which you can find along with related resources at the location below.

YouTube Getting Started Video

Getting started video


These examples are released as Open Source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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