Example applications built with the BlackBerry Spark Communications Services SDK for Linux. For Android, iOS, and JavaScript examples see: https://github.com/blackberry/bb-spark-android-samples, https://github.com/blackberry/bb-spark-ios-samples, and https://github.com/blackberry/bb-spark-javascript-samples.
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Initial example applications for the BlackBerry Spark Communications Services SDK R7 Release.
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BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

BlackBerry Spark Communications Services is an IP-based cloud communications platform that lets you easily create powerful new experiences between your users, machines, and IoT devices. Its enterprise-grade communication and data sharing functionality can be integrated directly into your Linux, Android, iOS, and web applications. With end-to-end encryption, digitally signed messages, and guaranteed data delivery, Spark Communications is a secure CPaaS (communications platform as a service) solution that can enable you to build powerful connections around the world, while keeping everything safe and secure in a "private garden" communication system.

Spark Communications Examples for Linux

Example Application Description
Auto Answer Build an application that answers a secure incoming voice or video call.
Message Echo Build an application that automatically echos back any received chat messages and controls LEDs.
Endpoint Manager Build an application that can remove an identity's registered endpoints.
IDP The idp application does not use the Spark Communications SDK. It is intended to be used to jump-start development and prototyping by providing a simulated Identity Provider service.

Some sample applications depend on additional packages beyond those that the Spark Communications SDK itself requires. See each application's README for instructions on how to build and use it.

When compiling the sample applications, the SPARK_SDK environment variable can be set to the absolute or relative path of the sdk/ directory that came in this archive. By default, the samples will look for that directory in its default location from the archive, but if you move the directories or use the sample build rules for your own programs, you might need to set this variable.

The sample applications' build rules assume that you are using gcc-6.3 or a compatible compiler. See the Spark Communications SDK for Linux requirements for more details on what tools and environments are supported.

Getting Started

These samples require the Spark Communications SDK, which you can find along with related resources at the location below.


These examples are released as Open Source and licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.