Add iScroll options to bb.init(options) #256

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RonMen commented Jul 27, 2012

Would be nice to be able to set iScroll options when initializing bbUI. In this case the user/developer is able to set eg. the "bounce" option to false to prevent bouncing the element-container.

I would also like to see this! I don't think it will be allowed, though, because on OS 7, BB10 this type of behavior is used. On OS 6 and lower devices, it seems to have a pretty drastic performance overhead that i would like to turn off.

Yeah,it's necessary.


tneil commented Aug 15, 2012

I've been chatting with @jcarty and he may have something up his sleeve :o)

Sounds good. I am eagerly awaiting a solution :). I am really impressed with how fast issues are being followed up with :D
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jcarty added a commit to jcarty/bbUI.js that referenced this issue Aug 15, 2012

It seems less "bounce" settings.


jcarty commented Aug 16, 2012

Please clarify.

oh... sorry,I have not seen the 'Pull Request #279' before.

jcarty added a commit to jcarty/bbUI.js that referenced this issue Aug 16, 2012

tneil pushed a commit that referenced this issue Aug 16, 2012


tneil commented Aug 16, 2012

now implemented in the "next" branch

@tneil tneil closed this Aug 16, 2012

RonMen commented Aug 17, 2012

Sorry for the delay of response to my opened request. Couldn't follow until now. Wanted to ask if you are using the options.screen to assign the scroller options to? Why not using options.scroller or options.iScroll for more readability, understanding and maybe to reuse options.screen for another use case later?

RonMen commented Oct 3, 2012

Seems the options for iScroll aren't working anymore. The scrolling appears again also when set up the bb.init with:

screen : {
    bounce: false,
    bounceLock: false,

tneil commented Oct 3, 2012

That is correct.. iScroll settings were removed since we are now using built in accelerated scrolling #356

RonMen commented Oct 3, 2012

But if the image-list has only up to 1-2 items the list is scrollable but it shouldn't when not higher than screens height. Something I'm missing to avoid that?


tneil commented Oct 3, 2012

It is essentially a "feature" of lists and screens on BB10. You can turn off all scrolling effects for your screen using the screen's data-bb-scroll-effect="off" attribute. But when you list grows longer than the screen you won't get the elastic ends or accelerated scrolling.

RonMen commented Oct 3, 2012

Ok, for me this sound more like a "bug" of lists and screens from a users perspective since it is little bit strange if a view that is empty will be scrollable, but if it is determined in that way I need to use it. Turning of the scrolling wouldn't be the right way when using list views that could be higher than the screens height.


tneil commented Oct 3, 2012

You can also create a screen that doesn't have scrolling effects so that the screen itself doesn't move with a finger pulling down.. and then add a scrolling panel to the inside of the screen for the content that you want to scroll.

RonMen commented Oct 3, 2012

Ah, yes, I forgot that there is the data-bb-type="scroll-panel" that could be the thing I need to make it working like expected for my use case and user experience. THX for hinting me! Great job your are doing here!!!

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