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Action Bar on First Screen Action overflow issue #329

tneil opened this Issue · 9 comments

4 participants

Tim Neil Matthew D'Andrea Rory Craig-Barnes Phil Mulkins
Tim Neil

If you have an action bar on your first screen and have action overflow items, the action overflow menu appears too low and mostly out of sight

Tim Neil

This seems to only happen if you have an animation transition effect on your first screen

Matthew D'Andrea

We're seeing this issue in our Push Capture sample app. The overflow for the action bar on the first screen is inaccessible and mostly out of view. Is the fix for this expected in 0.9.4 or will it have to wait until 0.9.5?



Tim Neil

The fix is expected in 0.9.4.. the work around for the time being is to remove the screen transition effect from your first screen.

Matthew D'Andrea

Ok, thanks.

Rory Craig-Barnes

Not sure if you have noticed this: If you go to the next screen and go back to the first screen it works perfectly on the first screen even with page transitions.

Doesn't help to figure it out, but thought I would add it.

Tim Neil

Yeah, it is really weird..

Tim Neil tneil referenced this issue from a commit
Tim Neil fixes for issue #329 be25504
Tim Neil

Yahoo!! Fixed :o)

Tim Neil tneil closed this
Phil Mulkins
Tim Neil

Turned out to be a case where I wasn't resetting styles on the end of animations if there was only one screen.. Talking it through with @nukulb helped me work through the problem.

Arturo Linares arturolinares referenced this issue from a commit
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