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Context menu grip #371

tneil opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Context menu does not have the little "grip" image displayed while peeking to pull the context menu over.

Context menu should pull over with grip/finger as you slide it

@tneil tneil referenced this issue

peek context #355


If we do move to use the WebWorks context menu for BB10 on issue #233 we would get the grip for free. But we would likely have a lesser implementation for PlayBook and Ripple.


Does Ripple not emulate the BB10 webworks functions? Shouldn't rim be enhancing Ripple(BB10) emulation to work as similar to real device as possible?

Functionality gap between devices is going to happen regardless unless all devices are getting the same software upgrade. Is there a policy or a standard of how this should be handled going forward? Lets use the below scenario as example

when bb10 is released

does one of the below happen?
1) playbook -> bb10? -> new webworks? -- happy

2) playbook -> eol? -> no new webworks? -- not so happy, but in the event that it happens, do we:
-> not support new functionalites?
-> emulate functionalities as much as possible? -> is it worth it?

When BB11 is released? then wot?


Ripple does support the webworks context menu, which is another reason why we would like to move the bbUI context menu to use the underlying webworks implementation. Ripple only has the context menu for BB10 and not PlayBook, so the PlayBook BB10 styling needs to render the context menu itself to work both on the device and PlayBook Ripple emulation.

PlayBook will be moving to BB10 and will get the new WebWorks. We are simply in a transition period between PlayBook OS and BB10.

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