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tneil commented Nov 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I received a great suggestion from @gcsantiago where we could create an area so that people could showcase details about their applications built with bbUI.

This Github Issue will be a place where you can post details about your application, what it does, links to App World or use markdown to reference some screen shots to show off what you've done using bbUI. Just add all your details as a comment to this issue.

We want to keep this thread mainly about showcasing your application and not too many back and forth conversations about the applications themselves. Since each post has the github user account of who posted it, feel free to send that github user a message to ask them more about their application.


Remember, Github Issues use markdown formatting so you can create a fairly nice little presentation for your application

Make sure that if you're adding screen shots of your app that they aren't HUGE, and instead fit nicely in the real estate provided in this issue.

yllus commented Nov 5, 2012

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook

My first app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is a free, open-source Twitter client. I built it to explore what the capabilities and performance is like for mobile apps built using Web technologies (WebWorks, after all, is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript), as I am a web developer by trade but with avid interest in the mobile space.

I originally wrote the app using a beta version jQuery Mobile, then ChocolateChip-UI, and finally bbUI.js. As Tim mentioned early in README, bbUI.js is extremely cognizant of the performance limitations of the Web technology-based app platform and is by far the most performant framework I've come across.

Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Download Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook (free).

yllus commented Nov 5, 2012

Read It Offline

Read It Offline an RSS reader and Readability client for the BlackBerry PlayBook - with a difference. My pet peeve about RSS readers is that websites that offer a feed typically only place the first few lines of their content in the feed - not optimal for those of us who want to catch up while on a commute to work via the subway or anywhere else where Internet connections are costly or simply unavailable.

Read It Offline solves this problem by using a special algorithm that saves entire articles and their images to your BlackBerry PlayBook for reading on the go. Even if the article is spread over multiple pages. Even if the feed only contains the first few sentences of the article.

Key Features:

  • Downloads your RSS feed articles and images to your PlayBook for offline viewing
  • Grabs the entire article - not just the one paragraph summary typically found in an RSS feed - so you won't be left with only half of the story
  • Handles multiple page articles by retrieving all pages and saving them as one long piece of content on your PlayBook
  • Full offline support for images, saving them directly to your PlayBook
  • It's a Readability client, too! Save articles to your PlayBook directly from your PC or Mac's browser
  • A full screen reader mode for maximum reading comfort
  • Add and remove articles from your list of Favourites with one easy tap of an icon
  • Variable font sizes to allow you to read without squinting at your PlayBook

Read It Offline 1

Read It Offline 1

Read It Offline 1

Download Read It Offline ($1.99).

asiayeah commented Nov 5, 2012

Photo Siege

Photo Siege enables your PlayBook to view and download facebook photos.

It allows downloading tagged photos and photo albums from facebook. You can download your own and your friends' photos. Once the photos are downloaded, you could view them without an internet connection or set them as wallpaper with your Pictures application. You could also transfer them to your PC for archival purposes. Simply login with your facebook account and start downloading photos with a single tap.

Photo Siege also comes with a nice grid and a full-screen photo view for browsing your photos. You could use it with 1 or multiple facebook accounts.


Uses of bbUI.js

Photo Siege was developed with bb10 controls (e.g. ActionBar, ActivityIndicator, ContextMenu and GridList) on PlayBook (i.e. bb10ForPlayBook: true). It also uses a few other controls, such as Button, ControlGroup, ImageList, ProgressIndicator, ScreenMenu and Title Bar.

Download Photo Siege at App World.

asiayeah commented Nov 5, 2012


Readopia is a Chinese eBook reader for PlayBook. It displays Chinese either in vertical columns or horizontal rows.


Uses of bbUI.js

Readopia was developed in PlayBook styling. It made use of ImageList, ScreenMenu, Slider, DropDown, PillButton, Button and CheckBox.

Download Readopia at App World.

ignites commented Nov 5, 2012

inLink for BlackBerry PlayBook


inLink is the ultimate LinkedIn experience for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This app leverages the mobile touch interface from LinkedIn combined with the sleek and stylish BlackBerry® 10 UI interface to provide you the tools you need to stay updated and in touch with your LinkedIn contacts.

Features include easy accessible buttons to:

*Check LinkedIn Mail
*View LinkedIn updates
*View and apply jobs via LinkedIn
*Connect and find people you know on LinkedIn
*Interact with your network and groups
*Search LinkedIn for companies, friends and groups.

inLink has been featured several times in BlackBerry App World, and reviewed positively on many popular BlackBerry enthusiast blogs. Full details can be seen at

Uses of bbUI.js

  • mainly for BlackBerry 10 Action Bar for that BlackBerry 10 look and feel!

inLink in Action!

Check out a YouTube review that third-party blog NerdBerry did on this app here


  • Landscape view


  • Portrait view

Relevant Links

miamon commented Nov 5, 2012

Color Notes 10

Price: Free

Take notes and assign a color, priority, style,..
Available for BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1, BlackBerry Alpha and BlackBerry 10.

Color Notes 10

  • Fields in a note: subject, color, priority, style, status, category and note.
  • Select a Color: Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Orange, Red, White or Yellow.
  • Select Priority: Normal, High or Low.
  • Select a Style: Normal, Bold, Highlight, Italic, Strikethrough or Underline.
  • Category: enter a new category or select used category.
  • BlackBerry 10 Context menu (press and hold) for change color and priority, delete or edit note.
  • Sort notes Ascending or Descending and by subject, color, priority, note, category, style, status, date created o date modified.
  • Search function for find a specific text on subject or note, you can filter your search by Color, Priority, Style, Status and Category
  • Portrait and landscape mode

App World links:

Color Notes 10 for BlackBerry PlayBook
Color Notes 10 for BlackBerry Alpha and BlackBerry 10

edyb commented Dec 3, 2012

My apps which I made for Blackberry 10.

Talking Alarm Text Clock Pro
Download here


Ported from Playbook to BB10, I switched all the UI from jQuery to bbUI which made things look much nicer and matching the look and feel of BB10.

Vibrating Massager
Download here


This is a new app I made for BB10 and found it easiest to use bbUI for the UI.

Note: This comment posted entirely from a Torch 9810 using a lot of copy and pasting from various browser tabs.

CherryNotes for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10

PlayBook Screenshot

The text editor for everyone that lives in the cloud but wants control over local and cloud text files.

The text editor of your dreams is here. With CherryNotes you can easily manage your notes and select which ones will get synced to the cloud and which ones should stay local. With one click you back up notes to the cloud and with another click bring any note from the cloud back to your device, and all the notes that are on both locations get synced effortlessly.

As a multitasker I always wanted a text editor that let me keep notes on the device but at the same time sync some of them with a cloud storage solution. After a year looking for the perfect app I couldn't find it, so I decided to build my own, that's how CherryNotes was invented.


QR Code

fariazz commented Jan 29, 2013


A simple time tracking app.

This app was built as part of this training course:

sh2sg commented Feb 16, 2013

Built for BlackBerry™

Currency app for BB10 only, available on BlackBerry World now:

Price: USD 0.99

  • Live exchange rates for 148 currencies
  • Historical charts
  • Built-in calculator
  • Offline mode
  • ActiveFrame auto-update
  • Auto-update or manual update

c1   c2
c3   c4
c5   c6
c7   c8
c9   c10

Pixel Gadget


In recent years, there has been an explosion of display resolutions, screen sizes, and the resultant pixel density of the various smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, and televisions we all use. Because of this, people are speaking more about the "PPI" (Pixels Per Inch) and "Aspect Ratio" of one device versus another. With the immense variety of displays and the collision of so many variables, it can be difficult to determine things such as PPI since the formula is too complex to quickly punch into a calculator.

Thus here is a useful app to calculate not only pixel density but also total pixels, aspect ratio, pixel size, viewing area, and a matching resolution name if one exists in the app. There is also a database that can be browsed with 40 known resolution names, such as VGA, XGA, and Full HD.


Pixel Gadget for Blackberry 10 - Blackberry World ( Free )





CookingCalc is different from the average unit calculator: Usually dry ingredients are measured in Cups in the US and in Grams in the rest of the world. Since it is not an easy arithmetic operation to convert between volume (Cups) and mass (Grams), this app comes with an extensive list of exemplary condiments (e.g. sugar, butter, honey, ...)

CookingCalc helps you convert recipes between the common US units such as

  • Cups
  • Teaspoons and Tablespoons
  • Pints, Quarts, Gallons
  • Ounces, Pounds
  • Degree Fahrenheit

and metric units like

  • Milliliters and Liters
  • Grams and Kilograms
  • Degree Celsius

Convert and save whole recipes as lists and share them with your friends via BBM or E-Mail.


CookingCalc - BlackBerry World (FREE)





Use public transportation ? Looking for a great pizza place near you ?

The My Transit app allows you to get bus prediction times down to the minute, searching by agency and also by stop number. Looking for that perfect slice of pepperoni pizza ? Search using Yelp.


- Save your bus searches to favorites and use those searches later. - Map Navigation - BBM Integration - Get Bus precise prediction times. - Search local business and venues using Yelp!





My app isn't ready for primetime yet, but I thought I would share a couple of images to show off the BBUI goodness.

Keep your BBM fresh with Animated Avatars for BBM for BlackBerry 10 made from BBUI
Download Link


Afrinolly allows you to keep view the latest movie trailers, music videos, celebrity news and profiles from around Africa.


  • Movie Trailers
  • Celebrity Profiles
  • Music Videos
  • Search (the Afrinolly database)
  • Latest Entertainment News and Gists

Download at Blackberry AppWorld



tneil commented Apr 29, 2013

Here's an an app that I created called Top Dawg for keeping track of your car modifications :o)

download   download 1
download 2   download 3
download 4   download 5
download 6   download

I've updated the styling for my Symptom Journal app and submitted it to Built for Blackberry!
Also, a tip for anyone looking to improve performance: Always use data-bb-indicator="true", it makes the screen transitions silky smooth.


joickle commented May 18, 2013

What's On?

Here's my first app for BlackBerry 10, It's called "What's On?" and it's for anyone who likes to stay up to date with their favorite shows.

Features Include:

  • The latest TV related news.
  • A 5-day TV schedule with the ability to set Calendar Reminders from the schedule.
  • Detailed series information with show and episode summary's and air dates.
  • Search the TV database.
  • Add your favorite shows for quick and easy access.
  • Choose between a light or dark theme!

Plus more to come!

BlackBerry World Link

A few screenshots (more in BB World):

s1  s2
s3  s4
s5  s6
s7  s8

laxx commented Oct 9, 2013

So I don't see any links to apps made for bb os5-7. Does this mean that bbui doesn't work well with these os? I was really looking forward to seeing apps that run for those os because i made some myself and would like to compare

My first app for BlackBerry 10, called "Capacity calculation" Configuration of temperature controls for the German company gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH

bildschirmfoto 2014-06-02 um 14 20 38
bildschirmfoto 2014-06-02 um 14 21 12
bildschirmfoto 2014-06-02 um 14 21 34

Hi I've published my App TaskGrid that has obtained Build for Blackberry recognition.

Is a task management app for ToDo with kanban Urgent and Important filosofy

In the Appworld :







My app "Even Steven" and the free version "Even Steven One" have been available for some time on BlackBerry World, but they wouldn't be possible without bbui.js, so thanks, and here's a link to the apps on BlackBerry World.

And a screenshot or two:


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