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Hi: I was afraid to suggest some kind of ideas from my mind, but motivated for the recent awesome implementations i get courage ! :)

I think will be easy to add a new style to the Button List...

<div data-bb-type="image-list" data-bb-style="checkbuttons">

this will draw a "dot" button like the letter O with the highlight color depends on a new boolean data ...

<div data-bb-type="item" data-bb-img="1.jpg" onbtnclick="someAction()" data-bb-check="true" data-bb-title="Lets check">This item could be cheched</div>

(this will cheaper and enough than draw a toggle button)

data-bb-check will set for the initial value and need to change automatically on touch , then i can take it inside the onbtnclick function (may be will be useful a ButtonList.getState() method and setState)

What do you think about it?
Regards to you all !!!

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Is this to allow the ability for multi-select for items in a list?


Mmm , Yes .

I focused on Image List, I like the layout of image list and there is a button mechanism, so i think will be possible to set the functionality of multi-select. But just a drop down isnt be the same.

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I'm looking at implementing the multi-select in a list the same as in Cascades. When you do a press and hold you can choose the multi-select option that then allows you to highlight multiple items in the list

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