Progress Indicator only works on the 1st screen, but not subsequent screens #565

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Progress Indicator (e.g. ) works on the 1st screen only.

On subsequent screens, the progress in highlightColor is not shown, but only the dark bar is shown.

The problem happens with WebWorks and BB10 Dev Alpha (OS It works fine on a PlayBook. I've tested with the latest bbUI.js in master branch.

Can anyone else reproduce the same? Is there any workaround or fix?

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I personally haven't seen this. When you say the 1st screen do you mean the very first screen you load? In the samples, the progress bar is on the second screen shown and it is working.


@tneil Thanks for looking into this.

I think I found out the issue! It works for the sample app, because it has data-bb-effect="slide-left".

Once I turned on a screen effect in my application (e.g. fade), the progress bar works as expected.

In my screen without data-bb-effect and a <progress>, not only is the progress bar not rendered properly, the HTML seems not being rendered dynamically, e.g. setting a div display style to none no longer removes it from screen. I think it's more like a WebKit or SDK issue rather than bbUI.js, given the same works on PlayBook, but not with BB10 dev alpha only. Would you like to verify this and you may want to escalate this to the WebKit or browser team?

Anyway, my workaround is to enable the screen effect for any screen with a progress bar on a BB10.

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ok.. I'll look into it

@tneil tneil pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 7, 2013
Tim Neil updates for issue #565 b90a6ea
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Really strange. This appears to be happening on the PlayBook as well. If there is an HTML5 progress bar on the screen, and it isn't animated...

  • Progress bars are not shown with their current value
  • Even the buttons on the screen will not take click events

If I programatically remove the progress bar element then everything works fine.. really strange. I'm going to keep this bug open.

I did check in an improvement that will have the progress bars draw their value after the screen transition ends in order to speed up screen transition times.


I have the same issue on bb10 dev alpha, if no animation on the screen the progress doesn't work.

But it's really strange because the controls if I touch them many times they start working, really really strange.

If I found sth new I'll tell you.


One thing, on ripple doesn't happen, normal behavior.

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