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Just noticed something. In a previous version of my app I was using bbUI v0.9.6.95, in which the pill buttons worked fine:


I've recently updated my bbUI to v0.9.6.115, and now the pill buttons in my app no longer display their text labels:


I haven't changed the code for the pill buttons between my app versions. I've tested between the bbUI versions, and the bbui-min.js file is what determines if my pill buttons work or not. Can someone please also check this.


tneil commented Feb 22, 2013

Can you provide information on how you are setting your labels? Are you dynamically creating them, are you making a panel that was invisible visible? etc...

I am not modifying the pill buttons, their display or their labels dynamically. I just set them in my screen.htm file:

<div data-bb-type="pill-buttons" id="myPillButtons">
    <div data-bb-type="pill-button" data-bb-selected="true" onclick="test1()">Test1</div>
    <div data-bb-type="pill-button" onclick="test2()">Test2</div>
    <div data-bb-type="pill-button" onclick="test3()">Test3</div>

tneil commented Feb 22, 2013

Are you placing the pill buttons in a container div that is display:none; and then you make it visible?

I'm testing pill buttons here on all my devices and they are working without any issues. Their fade effects and selection states are based on them being visible.

The pill butons container is always shown, I am not modifying its display property at any time, no..
So far I've tested this on the Z10&Q10 Ripple, and on a dev alpha B. I will keep trying, thank you for looking it up.

What's weird is that if I use the previous bbUI version, their labels and selection states work.


tneil commented Feb 22, 2013

I've copied and pasted your exact markup into my test application and it is all working without any issue on the gold Z10 OS and Ripple

I've tried using pill butons in another screen and they work properly. My js code must be conflicting with the pill buttons.
Will post what I was doing wrong as soon as I figure it out. Thanks again!

Removing this from my js fixed the issue.

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