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Push screen in active frame #743

bglowDragosh opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I am trying to push a new screen when my app gets minimized, in order to display that new screen as an Active Frame, instead of an image file.

However, the push screen only occurs when I re-enter my app. Does anyone know if this is possible?


AFAIK the app freezes when you minize it, in order to accomplish what you need you have to push the screen before minimizing to use it as an active frame or just stick with the images.


splatterb0y is correct. That viewport freezes when you minimize the app.
There is limited support for Window covers in webworks/bbui, but nothing like cascades.
I believe you can set an image, and a couple of labels.
If you were to render your screen as an image, you should be able to change the activeframe to the appropriate image after minimizing.


Thanks for the info guys, I am sticking with an image for now.

It would've been great to be able to push an entire screen with a set of data that would get loaded when the app got minimized.

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