Context menu - focus and images bugs #749

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I have just noticed that when I press&hold on an item in an image list, if I do not click on any context menu action and just hide the menu back, the items in the image list remain focused.

Also, the images for the context menu do not seem to get displayed.


First noticed these issues in my app, and then tested the bbUI context menu sample and I get them here as well.
I'm using a dev Alpha B, OS version, and bbUI version

The trick to get the images to appear is to reverse your slashes (instead of images/pic1.png, use images\pic1.png) when you're addressing them. Not sure if this is intended, but it works.


tneil commented Mar 11, 2013

hmmm.. This also sounds like something that was fixed in the latest commit. Strange that both this "un-highlight" and the duplicate issue are being seen by others.

For images on context menu forward slashes should work fine. They need to be paths relative from the root of your application as either a local resource or a full absolute path for a remote resource.

I'll mark this as a bug for investigation.

Alright, thank you both.

Apart from these issues, I love how smooth the new context menu works.
Can't wait to update it in my app too.


tneil commented Mar 14, 2013

Hmm.. question for you.. Are you also including the bbUI BB10 webworks extension that is needed for the bbUI context menu to work. Details are outlined in the Prerequisites section of the context menu documentation.

Ahem... slashes reverse not work for me, still not able to see images in the context menu on DevAlpha A (bbUi

UPDATE: I'm playing a bit with the webworks blackberry.ui.contextmenu, I noticed that the correct path for the local images is "local:///images/img1.png", this is the right path to use in bbui too to be able to see the icons on the context menu on the device (btw this path is not accepted from ripple)


tneil commented Mar 18, 2013

Ok.. I was able to reproduce the selection highlight not being removed.. This doesn't appear to be an issue on but there seems to be issues on Q10 running 10.1. They may be related and likely has to do with the bbUI webworks extension

I'll look into it further and see what I can come up with.

One more thing, the highlight for context menu icons is not respecting the highlightColor property set in my bb.init()



tneil commented Mar 21, 2013

You must not have the bbUI webworks extension configured properly in your build environment. When I run on the same OS as you, the colors do come across properly.

Ah yes, sorry. Reinstalled windows in the meantime and forgot about that one.


tneil commented Mar 25, 2013

Ok.. so I have it now working on the latest Q10 and but I'm still having issues on

Trying to get to the bottom of it.. it may be some kind of race condition

@tneil tneil pushed a commit that referenced this issue Mar 25, 2013

Tim Neil fixes for context menus on issue #749 7bce564

tneil commented Mar 25, 2013

Ok.. I believe I now have it working in all environments. Make sure you also grab the latest bbUI webworks extension

Tested on:

  • Z10:
  • DevAlpha B:
  • Q10:

tneil closed this Mar 25, 2013

Everything works great. :)

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