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I am trying to open a page when the application get invoked through a open invoke from the Blackberry Hub. It is exactly working the first time when I open a message from the Hub. Only when I restart the application its possible again to push a screen.

blackberry.event.addEventListener("invoked", onInvoke); 

function onInvoke (invokeRequest) {     

 if (invokeRequest.action != null && invokeRequest.action == "bb.action.OPEN") {
        var item = b64_to_utf8(;
        bb.pushScreen('page.htm', 'page', item );


This is working once and then it does not push the screen anymore and stays on the page which is open. At the same time the popScreen get stuck (application is not responding anymore).




tneil commented Mar 20, 2013

Have you ensured that the bb.init() has been called before the onInvoke is called?

bb.init(); is getting called once when the application got started in the index.htm before the onInvoke gets even created and bbui is working fine so far.


tneil commented Mar 21, 2013

So is this still an open issue, or do you now have it working the way you wanted?

Unfortunately I didn't found any solution yet. Still looking into the problem.  Sent from my BlackBerry 10 From: Tim NeilSent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:24 PMTo: blackberry/bbUI.jsReply To: blackberry/bbUI.jsCc: SteffenSubject: Re: [bbUI.js] addEventListener and bb.pushScreen (#755)So is this still an open issue, or do you now have it working the way you wanted?

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