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I have almost finished my third app for Blackberry 10, but in my previous two apps I did not use the Title Bar for BBUI.js, but thought it'd be a good idea to use it in my third app. I am having a bit of trouble with it though as I have tried to implement it, but it doesn't appear when testing it in the Ripple Emulator.

You can see my code in the attached image.

I would like to also add the 'newNoteButton' into the Title Bar as well, but when following the examples on github, I couldn't get that to work either. Also, is it possible to implement the sharing function (E-mail, text message, BBM etc.) to a single note, in my app, using BBUI.js as I couldn't find it on the github samples.

Ripple Emulator: 0.9.14
BBUI: Latest Version

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This for sharing content via Invoke-API:

This is for title bars in bbUI.js:

For asking how things work try the forums:


Thanks for replying and showing me where the files are. I did not intentionally want to open an issue as this is not an issue. But I was told by Tim Neil to open an issue on Github so that he could keep track of it

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I bet I know why your title bar isn't showing up... my guess is that you are using my sample code for your index.html.

For the sake of that sample I strip off all the title bars for screens on BlackBerry 10.. just something I do in the sample for the look I wanted and have the sample work across all different device OS versions 5/6/7/PB/10


I just checked my index.html and it is the same as that in your sample, as I just copied the index.html over from my last app. Is there something I should change to get it to work?

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If you aren't using the onscreenready and ondomready events remove them from the bb.init() function. Then your titles will work.


Really close to finishing my app now, thanks for the help you have given me. I have managed to add the new note function to the title bar and it works great! But, the last thing I have to sort out is that the background image doesn't appear and the notes cannot be written on when in Ripple, but the background does appear and the notes can be written on when not in Ripple [See attached images], would you have any suggestions? Thanks again

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I couldn't really give you much advice.. I don't know how you are structuring your code or what you're using for input.

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