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Stripped down version of BBUI #997

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I use BBui together with webworks 2.
I really like the way it works and i wonder if there is a way to make bbui work on android?
I want to convert my blackberry app to android but keep the design and the way that bbui works.

It only detects blackberry 10 or playbook.
Even when i create a simple index.html with a push to an other page the page never shows up.


Tim Neil is "taking it into consideration", but no promises are being made at this time. See this thread: #993 (comment) Porting BBui to other platforms would be a big job, to say the least.

For now, enyo.js may be what you're looking for. I know at the BB 10 Jam in Montreal last year Tim Windsor recommend it. At the time, this app was built using Enyo: I'm not certain whether or not it still is.


I guess it's not a big job. Just a matter of some API calls that have to be replaced or altered (as far as the logic goes) the real problem is to make the css fitting all the targeted devices. with BB10 you have 3 different screen sizes with android you have a ... million?

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Some have stripped out the BB specific calls in a fork to support it on other platforms. Right now we have been concentrating on the v1.0 rewrite


One of the possible advantages of something like this is that maybe developers from other platforms would support bbUI.js more with contributions and bugfixes.

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