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Release v1.0.0

No due date

We have learned a lot from bbUI working through the beta period. What we are starting to look at now is how to get it to a v1.0 where we will maintain compatibility going forward.

Targets for this release:

  • Declarative markup will change to be JavaScript based and very similar to the Cascades QML markup
  • Cascades control pairity
  • State maintained in the background object model
  • Dynamic events and manipulation of all controls
  • Componentized fragments of UI
  • Better page stacking and navigation

Webkit Bucket

No due date

This is a milestone that is a catch-all for any webkit related issues. This way we have a place to track any fixed based on new OS versions


Release v0.9.6

No due date

Milestone specifically for bug fixes, optimizations and more JavaScript interfaces for controls

Priority order:

  • Optimizations
    • Performance
    • Size of CSS (media queries) and Javascript
    • Break js/css out into OS specific builds
    • 10.2 Styling updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • JavaScript Interface additions
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