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-# Welcome to GDC 2012
-(March 7th, 2012) Welcome to the [Game Developers Conference](
-RIM is an sponsor, has a booth at the Expo (#1909),
-and also has
-[several sessions](
-Our Open Source projects are a key part of the sessions.
-Some of the repos you will encounter at RIM's sessions at GDC include:
-* [GamePlay]( - our cross-platform 3D native gaming framework,
-* [NDK-Samples]( - showing the capabilities of the Native PlayBook platform, including social gaming using BBM and Scoreloop,
-* Our WebWorks repositories,
-[WebWorks-Samples]( and
-* Additional HTML5 repositories including [WebGL-Samples]( TunnelTilt),
-[bbUI.js]( and
-* Additional Social Gaming on [WebWorks-Samples](
-and on
-* Our [Webkit-based]( browser (both on the
-[PlayBook]( and on modern
-[BlackBerry Smartphones](
-Check more details, including the full list of sessions, in
-[Victoria's DevBlog post](
-... Now you can navigate back to our [normal Index page](indexDefault.html).
+# Research In Motion at GitHub
+Welcome to the home for [RIM]( projects at GitHub.
+The first repository in this [organization]( was [WebWorks](, created during [DevCon 2010]( Since then we have added six more repositories covering runtimes, tools, documentation, and code samples and we expect more projects to follow.
+For the latest, and an archive of older, news, check [here](news); also see the official [BlackBerry DevBlog](
+Projects fall into one of the following categories:
+**RIM-led Projects** - In these projects:
+* The overal direction of the project is under RIM leadership,
+* RIM assigns a _technical lead_ to represent it in the project,
+* RIM assigns several of its engineers to contribute to the project.
+* We welcome and encourage participation from non-RIM employees at any level.
+* The majority (all so far) of the projects are licensed under ASL2 ([wikipedia](, [Apache](
+* We strive to operate transparently
+Participation details at [How to Contribute](howToContribute.html). Note that contributions from non-RIM employees require an agreement like at ASF: [CCLA](, [ICLA](
+**RIM-Sponsored Projects** - These are non-RIM-led Open Source projects in which RIM participates actively. In general RIM will participate in the relevant open source community, but some projects may also be listed here for several reasons. More information on this category shortly.
+## A Tour through a Project
+Projects are encouraged to maintain information in these pages. Using WebWorks as an example:
+* Top Project [description page](webworks/index.html).
+* The master [Git]( repository at GitHub at [blackberry/webworks](, including:
+* The usual GitHub features, like [pulls](, [commit history](, [network graph](, etc.
+* The list of [Contributors to WebWorks](,
+* A Project [Roadmap](,
+* Defect tracking via [GitHub Issues](
+## List of Repositories
+### WebWorks
+* [WebWorks]( - The runtime for the BlackBerry OS Platform.
+* [WebWorks-TabletOS]( - The runtime for the QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS Platform.
+* [WebWorks-API-Docs]( - The official API documentation.
+* [WebWorks-Samples]( - RIM and Community-provided samples for WebWorks.
+* [bbUI.js]( - BlackBerry UI Look and Feel JavaScript toolkit for WebWorks.
+* [WebWorks-Community-APIs]( - New APIs, contributed by RIM and the Community, that could be considered for move to the official APIs.
+### Ripple Emulator
+* [Ripple-Framework]( - Basic Framework for the Ripple Emulator
+* [Ripple-UI]( - Presentation elements for Ripple.
+### Alice
+* [Alice.js]( - (A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine) is a micro JavaScript library for generating rich visual effects in modern browsers.
+### WebKit
+* [WebKit-SmartPhone]( - RIM contributions to WebKit for BlackBerry Smartphones.
+* [WebKit-PlayBook]( - RIM contributions to WebKit for BlackBerry PlayBook.
+WebWorks, Ripple, and Alice are RIM-led projects. These repositories are the "master" repositories.
+WebKit is maintained by the []( community.
+### Native
+There is large set of native components for BlackBerry PlayBook. A full list is available at:
+* [Components](ndk/components.html) - Components group by functionality
+* [Samples](ndk/samples.html) - Samples currently available.
+We hope you will find these components useful and we encourate your participation to improve them.
+You can also help us determine which other components to port;
+some already announced but not yet delivered are described [here](comingSoon.html).

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