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chef-nexus is a Ruby gem that provides the `nexus` Chef resource for managing artifacts on Nexus by Sonatype.
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chef-nexus is a Ruby gem that provides the nexus Chef resource for managing artifacts on Nexus by Sonatype.


Simply install the gem and require 'chef/nexus' in your recipes, then you can use the nexus resource.

There is an optional Nexus config file that you can create and it will be read in the following order:


NOTE: only the first one found will be loaded

Example config file:

    "default": {
        "url": "",
        "repo": "name_of_repo",
        "auth": "gary:secr3t"
    "gary": {
        "url": "",
        "repo": "disk_images",
        "auth": "gary:p@ssw0rd"


  • You can pick different profiles with attribute nexus_profile
  • You can set you default profile with environment variable export NEXUS_PROFILE=gary
  • If you don't set the env variable or use the attributes below - "default" profile must be present, or you will need to specify the nexus_profile attribute every time.
  • Attribute nexus_profile has precedence over environment variable

You can also specify these as attributes:

nexus_url ''
nexus_repo 'name_of_repo'
nexus_auth 'gary:secr3t'

And as environment variables:

export NEXUS_URL=
export NEXUS_REPO=name_of_repo
export NEXUS_AUTH=gary:secr3t

Order of precedence:

  1. attribute
  2. environment
  3. config


  :nexus_profile => String of the profile you want to use
  :nexus_url => String url of Nexus
  :nexus_repo => String name of your repository
  :nexus_auth => String of your Nexus credentials
  :use_auth => Boolean specifing whether to authenticate against the Nexus server, fix for 403 Forbidden

  :upload_pom => Boolean indicating whether to generate and upload a pom file, default true
  :update_if_exists => Boolean specifying whether to overwrite existing artifacts during upload action (deletes artifact folder first) 

  :local_file => String absolute path to the file to upload from, or download to
  :remote_url => String of the URL to be upload to / download from, if used, all attributes below are ignored. SEE NOTES

  :coordinates => String Maven coordinates, see:
  :groupId => String name of group
  :artifactId => String name of artifact
  :packaging => String of packaging type
  :classifier => String name of the files classifier
  :version => [String, Fixnum, Float] of the version


  • :remote_url will be parsed for pom information if it is syntactically correct according to Maven & Nexus standards, as in: <NEXUS_URL>/repositories/<NEXUS_REPO>/<groupId>/<artifactId>/<version>/<artifactId>-<version>-<classifier>.<packaging>
  • :remote_url takes precedence over coordinates as the upload / download endpoint.
  • Usage of :remote_url is NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Order of precedence during generation of pom file: (groupId & artifactId & packaging & classifier & version) > coordinates > remote_url


  actions :upload, :download, :delete, :delete_url
  default_action :upload


1. Upload a file to Nexus without authentication and without the pom file

nexus 'some description' do
  use_auth false
  upload_pom false
  coordinates 'com.gary.image:cloud-img:jar:1.2.0'
  local_file '/home/gary/cloud-img-1.2.0.jar'
  action :upload

2. Upload a file to Nexus without using coordinates and overriding Nexus endpoint config

nexus 'some description' do
  local_file '/home/gary/cloud-img-1.2.0.jar'
  nexus_url ''
  nexus_auth 'gary:secr3t'
  nexus_repo 'name_of_repo'

  groupId 'com.gary.image'
  artifactId 'cloud-img'
  packaging 'jar'
  classifier 'some_classifier'
  version '1.2.0'
  action :upload

3. Upload a file to an exact location on Nexus using remote_url (not recommended)

nexus 'some description' do  
  remote_url ''
  local_file '/home/gary/cloud-img-1.2.0.jar'
  action :upload

4. Download a file from Nexus using coordinates, with another profile

nexus 'some description' do
  nexus_profile 'gary'
  coordinates 'com.gary.image:cloud-img:jar:1.2.0'
  local_file '/home/gary/cloud-img-1.2.0.jar'
  action :download

5. Download a file from Nexus using remote_url

nexus 'some description' do
  remote_url ''
  local_file '/home/gary/cloud-img-1.2.0.jar'
  action :download

6. Delete an artifact from Nexus

nexus 'some description' do
  coordinates 'com.gary.image:cloud-img:jar:1.2.0'
  action :delete

NOTE: This action does not accept attribute :remote_url as it is dangerous to do so. Ex. you might delete ALL artifacts by accident

WARNING: This action will delete the version folder (folder that holds the file), so everything inside it will be deleted as well

7. Delete a file or folder from Nexus (delete folder 1.2.0 in this case)

nexus 'some description' do
  remote_url ''
  action :delete_url

NOTE: This action requires attribute :remote_url


Pull requests are very welcome! Make sure your patches are well tested. Ideally create a topic branch for every separate change you make. For example:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

To build and install the gem, go to your chef-nexus folder and then run:

  1. rake build
  2. gem install pkg/chef-nexus-x.y.z.gem, where x.y.z is the version you just built


Please test your changes! Here's how:

  1. Create and configure spec/config.rb from spec/config_sample.rb
  2. Run rspec spec/chef/nexus_spec.rb from your chef-nexus folder

If you add new functionality, please create new tests accordingly.


Created by Dongyu 'Gary' Zheng (


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