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libqrencode NEWS - Overview of changes
Version 3.3.1 (2012.4.18)
* Bugs in command line tool, manual, configure script, and libtool files have
been fixed. (Thanks to Yutaka Niibe and Rob Ryan)
Version 3.3.0 (2012.4.1)
* EPS, ANSI, and ASCII text output supports have been added.
(Thanks to Zapster, Colin, and Ralf)
* QRcode_APIVersion() and QRcode_APIVersionString() have been added.
Release Note:
Three new output format, EPS, ANSI, and ASCII text, have been added to the
command line tool. ANSI and ASCII mode ignore "-size" option. Give "-t ASCIIi"
to get an ASCII-mode symbol in inverted color.
QRcode_APIVersion() is requested by Matthew Baker for better support of Python
ctypes binding. Check them out at
Version 3.2.1 (2012.4.1)
* Bugs in configure script and libtool file has been fixed. (Thanks to Yutaka
Version 3.2.0 (2011.11.26)
* "--dpi" (or "-d") option has been added to qrencode. This option set DPI
information in an output PNG image. (Thanks to David Dahl)
* New option "--enable-thread-safety" has been added to the configure script
that makes the library thread-safe. It is enabled by default.
* QRcode_encodeData(), QRcode_encodeDataMQR, QRcode_encodeDataStructured() have
been added for binary data encoding including '\0'.
* Typo and bug fixes.
* Experimental Micro QR Code support has been added.
* "--micro" (or "-M") option for Micro QR Code has been added to qrencode.
Release Note:
Binary data including '\0' is now supported. To encode a binary data, give "-8"
option to qrencode, and let qrencode obtain data via standard input like
"qrencode -8 -o output.png < binary". "--dpi" and "-d" are also added to embed
DPI information to PNG file.
A bug in the mask pattern evaluation routine has been fixed. In some cases,
libqrencode may generate a different symbol from the one that was generated by
the prior libqrencode because of this bug fix, but the embedded data are not
affected. The symbols generated by the old libqrencode are valid.
Experimental support of Micro QR Code encoder has been added. Some functions
(QRcode_*MQR()) have been added to the library. The command line tool generates
Micro QR Code when "--micro" or "-M" is given.
Version 3.1.1 (2010.2.3)
* A bug in the library has been fixed.
Release Note:
Libqrecode had generated incorrect QR Code in some cases. Symbols larger than
version 5 (error correction level Q and H) were affected. In many cases this
bug did not cause serious damage thanks to the error correction mechanism, but
we highly recommend you to encode symbols again using this release.
Version 3.1.0 (2009.6.6)
* Various code cleanups and performance improves.
* Strict internal error checks have been added.
* "--without-tests" has become default setting. Specify "--with-tests" to
compile test programs.
* Some memory leak bugs have been fixed.
Release Note:
This release focuses on the code cleanup and performance improve. Encoding time
has been improved, drastically in large symbols. Basically this update only
changes its internal code. The API is not changed, no need to recompile user
applications that includes only qrencode.h. If your application refers the
internal data representation (not recommended), see ChangeLog for further
Version 3.0.3 (2008.6.1)
* Portability enhancement. (Thanks to Gavan Fantom)
* The command line tool "qrencode" now accepts long options. See the man page
for the detailed instruction.
Release Note:
This release improves the portability of our command line tool "qrencode".
The library is not changed so that any applications using libqrencode are not
From this release, qrencode accepts "long" options, such as "--help". See the
manpage for the detailed instructions.
Qrencode now uses getopt_long() instead of getopt_long_only() which is not
available in some operating systems. If the getopt_long() is not provided or
the implementation of it is not compatible with GNU's one, please try
qrencode-3.0.3-gnulib, that contains the source code of the getopt_long().
Gnulib version is a test release. If you feel happy with it, please let us know
and the future releases will include gnulib.
Version 3.0.2 (2008.5.18)
* Some compile-time warnings/erros with g++ have been fixed.
(Thanks to wangsai)
* The bit order of "Version information" has been corrected.
Symbols greater than version 6 were affected. (Thanks to Paul Janssesn)
* The "--without-tests" option has been added to the configure script.
Version 3.0.1 (2008.5.9)
* A bug fix for non-POSIX platform. (Thanks to Paul Janssens)
* The RPM spec file now packages the man page correctly.
Version 3.0.0 (2008.4.30)
* The interface of QRencode_encodeInput() has been changed. User applications
using it must be modified.
* Structured append support has been added. (patches from Yusuke Mihara)
* The "-S" option for structured append has been added to qrencode and
* Some functions now set errno to indicate errors.
* Some bug fixes.
Release Note:
Now libqrencode supports "structured-append" of symbols. A large data set can
be split into multiple QR code symbols. The basic usage of structured-append
is not so different from the single symbol encoding: just call
QRcode_encodeStringStructured() or QRcode_encodeString8bitStructured() and
they return a list of symbols. Instead of giving a string, you can encode
an explicitly typed data. See the manual generated by Doxygen for the detailed
Many thanks to Yusuke Mihara, who contributed a patch to add support of
structured-append to version 1.0.2.
API changes:
* Incompatible API changes:
- QRencode_encodeInput
* New types:
- QRinput_Struct
- QRcode_List
* New functions:
- QRinput_new2
- QRinput_Struct_new
- QRinput_Struct_setParity
- QRinput_Struct_appendInput
- QRinput_Struct_free
- QRinput_Struct_insertStructuredAppendHeaders
- QRinput_splitQRinputToStruct
- QRcode_encodeStructuredInput
- QRcode_encodeStringStructured
- QRcode_encodeString8bitStructured
- QRcode_List_size
- QRcode_List_free
* Declarations moved to qrencode.h:
- QRinput_getErrorCorrectionLevel
- QRinput_setErrorCorrectionLevel
- QRinput_getVersion
- QRinput_setVersion
Version 2.0.0 (2008.1.24)
* "-i" option to ignore case distinctions has been added to qrencode and
* "-c" option (case-sensitive mode) of qrencode is now enabled by default and
has been improved. See details in Release Note section.
* "-8" option has been added to qrencode to encode whole data in 8-bit mode.
* tests/view_qrcode now accepts various options like qrencode.
* Man page has been added.
* Code cleanup.
* The mask evaluation bug has been fixed. (Philippe Delcroix)
* API changes
- QRcode_encodeString() now receives case-sensitive flag.
- QRcode_encodeStringCase() has been removed.
- QRcode_encodeString8bit() has been added.
Release Note:
Previously libqrencode encodes lower-case alphabet characters in Alphabet-
Numeric mode (upper-case alphabet and numeric) by default. According to the
specification of QR code, however, it is clearly claimed that Alphabet-Numeric
mode provides only upper-case alphabet (+ numeric and some symbol) characters.
Since this version, libqrencode distinguishes lower-case and upper-case of
alphabet characters by default. Because of that, "-c" option of qrencode
is now deprecated, and "-i" option has been added. By giving "-i", qrencode
converts lower-case characters to upper-case if possible, then encode a QR code
symbol. Please read qrencode.h for the details about API changes if you are
going to use this library.
Many thanks to NANKI Haruo for his suggestions.
Version 1.0.2 (2007.03.24)
* A small bug fix. (Thanks to NANKI Haruo)
* 'extern "C"' barrier has been added to qrencode.h.
Version 1.0.1 (2006.12.27)
* Added "force 8-bit encoding mode".
* Configure script finds libpng's header correctly.
Version 1.0.0 (2006.12.12)
* The first public release.