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QNX is now an officially supported platform in the V8 project on the trunk branch. We now recommend using the upstream project.

The v8-3.8.9-qnx branch holds the previous v3.8.9 sources for QNX and is still available in this repository.

Getting the Code and Dependencies

Follow the instructions at to get the code and install the dependences. After doing this, please follow the QNX and cross-compilation instructions below.


  • Linux or OS X
  • Python 2.6 or higher
  • BlackBerry NDK or QNX SDP

Patching V8

In order to allow easy cross-compiling, a small patch to add a Makefile for QNX needs to be applied. Please download and apply the qnx-build.patch above in this repository in the root of your V8 directory:

cd $V8_DIR
git am qnx-build.patch

Patching GYP

The GYP build tool needs to be patched to work with the QNX toolchain. Please download and apply the qnx-gyp.patch patch above in this repository in the root of your GYP installation directory:

cd $V8_DIR/build/gyp
patch -p0 -i qnx-gyp.patch

Building For QNX ARM

make qnx_arm.release -j50

To test, you can then load the d8 binary onto the device and run it.

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