CiviCRM (Core Application and Framework)
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Bootstrap 3 template for CiviCRM

This is a (hopefully) a stand alone Bootstrap 3 template for CiviCRM.

See my blog post for more information on the history of this little project and my motivations behind it.


  • Upload assets to client theme. Include the included civicrm.css or civicrm.less into your client side template/theme.
  • Include a copy of Bootstrap 3 into client theme if required.
  • Upload the CRM directory in civicrm/templates/bs3 full of Smarty files to /civicrm/templates/bs3/
  • Administer -> System Settings -> Resource URLs -> "Disable CiviCRM css" to yes
  • Include civicrm.css (the one that comes with CiviCRM by default, not the one in this project) into your admin area if required. I didn't do any styling of the admin side template.

Please fork and pull request any changes, I definitely have not had time to go through all the themes.