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This is the official issue tracker of the blackbuntu pentesting distribution
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About BlackBuntu Repository

This is the official issue tracker of the blackBuntu pentesting distribution, you can ask your question by just creating an issue.

The actual version name code is blackbuntu-revive-1.0.0-alpha-amd64


We highly suggest to install blackbuntu as primary operating system only if you are advanced experts. Otherwise, we recommand to install the blackbuntu pentesting ditribution in virtualbox with 4096 Mo of memory and 160 Go of VDI disk space, all the rest by default.

For any other question on the installation process please visit dotweak site and social medias hub


Blackbuntu is a Linux distribution made for penetration testing, it is made by cybersecurity experts to let you understand how to secure your information systems with a blackhat point of view. It means it is used to only secure information systems not for piracy. You have to use it in this sense otherwise we are not responsible for any other use.

If you don't know what you are doing please ask your questions before.

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