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CTO, Ruby on Rails, ReactJs, React Native


My name is Alexander. I’m 35 years old, live in Tula (UTC+3), my full contact information is here:

Short version


Web development: Ruby on Rails (over 6 years). Mobile development: React-Native (over 1 year). Total experience in professional development is over 12 years. Full cycle project development: architecture, timeline estimation, planning, programming, technical support. Organizing and managing a software development and testing department. Project development methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Scrum.


  1. IcePerk (, appstore) 2017 - A mobile app for hockey team management.
  2. 4angels 2017 - An online jewelry store
  3. Feed.Reenter 2016 - A system for automated creation of advertising feeds.
  4. Reenter 2015 - A system for automated management of Google remarketing campaigns.
  5. Uptimus 2014 - A full-scale service for search engine optimization (SEO).
  6. Oh my master 2013 - A digital magazine platform for beauty industry professionals.
  7. Uniplace 2012 - A SEO link exchange platform.
  8. Babkee 2011 - A system for monitoring reputation in social networks and various media sources.
  9. Roostat 2010 - A project for gathering, analyzing and processing of search engine keywords.
  10. Rookee 2010 - An automated system for SEO links purchasing.

Founder/cofounder in projects

  1. KhDeal 2016 - A marketplace in Cambodia
  2. Agile Season 2015 - An agile board for GitHub issues with metrics.
  3. Play Shikimori 2014 - A social network / potral for manga and anime fans.
  4. MyBudget 2012 - An online service for family budget management and bookkeeping.

Full version

I’ve been working in web development for 10 years, the last 6 of which I’ve been specializing in Ruby on Rails. Before that I’ve been creating web projects with .Net C#. Currently I’m getting more and more interested in mobile development, so since the summer of 2016 I participate in mobile app development with React-Native.

In my previous job I started as an apprentice programmer. With time I became the head of a software development and testing department, in the company’s startup branch. I gathered project development teams, where after development of initial projects’ versions we passed them to another team and began new ones. Many times I’ve been a scrum-master in various teams. At the same time I learned Rails and offered the management to change the platform we use. The idea was approved, I gathered a new team and since 2013 all new projects in our department were implemented in Rails. During 2014 we also taught RoR to one more team (3 people).

After I quit there were 3 small fully autonomous teams remaining, each of them working in 4 task flows by creating new projects and supporting existing ones. We usually produced 1-2 big systems per year, which was a decision of our holding’s management.

Also during the year I worked in a small company engaged in various startups at the CTO (remote). I’m currently working as a freelancer (remote, since the spring of 2017) and also making several projects on my own.

More information about these below.

I also have experience working with the finances. At first I was one of the developers, and later an author of all billing projects in service. I optimized and improved a non-stop working billing system with a several million dollars monthly turnover. I also designed and developed a billing system distributed between multiple servers. In the billing I used an interesting approach to aggregate a huge amount of operations using indexed view in MsSql. After transferring to RoR in all projects we use our own standardized billing with financial reports for accountants and everything needed in the document flow - acts, closing documents and etc.

Shortly on my RoR skills: full stack, a little closer to the backend part.

I usually use: rails4/5, ruby2+, coffee, sass, slim, rspec, sidekiq, unicorn, capistrano, pusher/faye, activeadmin, postgresql

In mobile development: React-Native For automated server setup: chef Environment: mac, vim, github

I’m a Kanban fan. In my free time I work on the Agile Season service ( - the code is available, so one can see examples of my work here). I also do my best to estimate time requirements professionally, a couple of times I taught my colleagues - product managers and lead developers (

I’m paranoid when it comes to testing, in my work projects test coverage is usually 96-98%. I promoted this approach in the company I worked at and also taught it to the programmers there. Here’s a presentation I used, with examples and tasks: (it’s in C# which is still used in the company).

I’m rather impatient when it comes to reccurring tasks, so in the teams I worked in we automated everything, from CI/CD to server setup. Well, there was no other way: lots of projects, many servers, a few people, so we had to make the support take as little time as possible.

I graduated an art school (beside my main degree in IT), ride a longboard. All the time that I don’t spend with my family (a wife and a son) - I code, mostly hobby projects. I learned touch typing when I was studying at the university, by spray painting my keyboard. A comfortable typing speed for me is 220 characters per minute (Cyrillic and Latin keyboards).

I’m not actively searching for a new job at the moment, but I keep an eye open for interesting remote opportunities.

Here’s a list of my latest projects (both main job and hobby ones), with a short description of the project itself and my role in it.

IcePerk (, appstore) 2017 (React-Native, Back-end: Rails, PostgreSql) A mobile app for hockey team management. The project is currently in the early development stage. My role: software architect, mobile developer (iOS, android), full stack developer, team leader, system administrator.

4angels ( 2017 (Rails, PostgreSql) An online jewelry store. My role: software architect, team leader.

KhDeal 2016 (Rails, PostgreSql) [A hobby project] A marketplace in Cambodia, with parsing ads from other sources, including Facebook. My role: author, full-stack developer, system administrator.

Agile Season 2015.. Present time (Rails, PostgreSql, Faye, Github API) [A hobby project] Agile board for GitHub issues with metrics. I started it with another programmer, but now it’s just me working on it. My role: author, full-stack developer, system administrator. Source code:

Reenter 2015..16 (Rails, PostgreSql) A system for automated management of Google remarketing campaigns. A small end-user interface, a detailed specialist interface, a complex task workflow, lots of Google API interaction and algorithms. Also for this project we implemented one more service - a CRM for sales and account managers, which has a deep integration with the main project. My role: project manager, system architect, lead developer (full-stack).

Uptimus 2014 (Rails, PostgreSql, Pusher) A full-scale service for search engine optimization (SEO). Along with the project’s main website, there are multiple separate micro-services in Ruby and C#, integrated by API. My role: system architect, lead developer (backend).

Play Shikimori 2014 (Rails, PostgreSql) [A hobby project] A social network / portal for manga and anime fans. For a year I helped a friend with this project, there was a 3-men team working on it. My role: full-stack developer.

Mlrs 2013 (Rails, PostgreSql) An internal product for an agency’s back office. There were two teams working on the project at the same time, and the project lived through its two different versions. My role was to coordinate two tech teams and two managers, plus some backend coding.

Oh my master 2013 (.Net MVC, PostgreSql) The service was originally started as an analogue of TaskRabbit for Russia, Europe and Australia. Currently the project is frozen. My role: system architect, lead developer (full-stack). The team was huge, it was our latest project with a separate tester’s role in the team.

MyBudget 2012 (Rails, PostgreSql) [A hobby project] I made a website for managing family budget for myself. This was my first project in Rails. My role: author, full-stack developer, system administrator.

Uniplace 2012 (Mvc .Net, MsSQL) A link exchange platform for search engine optimization. I worked on this project from designing the initial idea and basic development until passing the product to the tech support team. On the first project stages I worked by myself, later we formed a team. A lot of SQL, implementation of interesting ideas in billing using indexed view in MsSQL.

Babkee 2011 (Mvc .net, MsSQL) A system for monitoring reputation in social networks and various media sources. Lots of data, message gathering via API, website parsing. One of my first projects, where I worked as a system architect from the idea to passing it to the tech support team.

Roostat 2010 (Asp .net, MsSQL) A project for gathering, analyzing and processing of search engine keywords. Among achievements - we implemented 2 700 000 000 records in the main table, plus the back index. My role: lead developer, mostly worked on the DB. Lots of stored procedures, index updating and pain while looking at statement execution plans int attempt to make it all work.

Rookee 2008..2010 (Asp .net, MsSQL) One of the first automated systems for purchasing links for search engine optimization. The project is still working, I participated in its development from the very beginning in 2008. I started as an apprentice developer and ended up as a lead. Also in the period from 2010 to 2014 there were 3 times I worked on it as a lead developer, implementing projects which improved its billing system.

Thank you for reading it all to the end :) It turned out to be rather long. Alexander.

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