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ASP.NET Core support

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ASP.NET Core Developer package

The Developer Package supports ASP.NET Core running on both, full .NET Framework and .NET Core (Note: this package includes the latest 2.2.8 rc-release in order to support image processing and plugins with ASP:NET Core). The package includes examples for file system storage and database storage (EF Core):

The ASP.NET Core NuGet package (Id: Backload.AspNetCore) is available on
PM> Install-Package Backload.AspNetCore

Note: Because NuGet packages for the new project system cannot contain additional (static) files, you also need to download the supporting files and copy it into the web app folder (already available in the demo package):


ASP.NET Core with full framework (net461) support status:

100% support for ASP.NET Core running on the full Framework.

Notes (changes to traditional .NET editions with System.Web):
  • No component registration in web.config needed
  • Backload folder now splittet in server related files (project folder) and static client files (wwwroot folder)
  • Integrated handler available as middleware (app.UseBackload();).
  • If you use a custom controller, the handler needs new init parameters (handler.Init()).
  • Logging with new ILogger available.
  • Super fast image processing (e.g. image resize or previews)


ASP.NET Core (modular framework)

100% support for the ASP.NET Core modular framework running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (MacOs).

  • The current NuGet package (Backload.2.2.7+) supports the netstandard1.5 target.
  • The latest pre-release (2.2.8-rc*) supports image processing and extensibility (plugins). Current public release 2.2.7 does not.
  • Supports Entity Framework Core (see Developer package above).
  • Supports Azure Blob storage (see Developer package above).
  • Image processing is in alpha state (2.2.8-rc* package)
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