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Upgrade and migration

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How to upgrade to release 2.0

On this page you will find infos on how to upgrade from previous versions to release 2.0. A lot has changed since the 1.9.x releases. If you installed a previous package and want to upgrade your project READ THE MIGRATION NOTES!

What's new in release 2.0?

  • No external dependencies. Now Backload references only system dlls.
  • MVC 5 compatible (see demo project).
  • All files (server and client) are now in the ~/Backload folder.
  • The integrated controller is now in your project (~/Backload/Controller/BackloadController.cs)
  • The controller has a new controller path: /Backload/FileHandler
  • Brand new API to access most functions from your custom code (e.g. controller)
  • 50% new or refactored internal code
  • Optimized memory usage
  • New code for PlUpload (MoxieCode) and Fine Uploader (Widen Enterprises) support
  • Chunked file uploads enhanced for all supported client side plugins
  • Accept uuid identifier send by the client (body form) to prevent overwriting chunks with same file name on cuncurrent chunk Uploads.
  • Using the new Json field names recently introduced in JQuery File Upload Plugin (e.g. delete_url ⇒ deleteUrl)
  • Most recent version of the supported client side plugins are included (~/Backload/Client)
  • New options in the configuration (more here: ~/Backload/Config/_Defaults/Defaults.txt)

Important migration notes:

  • Event handler: If you attached to events, FileUploadStatus and FileUploadStatusItem have been renamed to: FileStatus and FileStatusItem in the namespace Backload.Contracts.Status. In your event handlers you must change the interface names and namespaces.
  • Configuration: New Web.Backload.xsd schema file must be referenced in the Web.Backload.config file.
  • Web.config: The version of the Backload section must be set from 1.9 to 2:
    <section name="backload" type="Backload.Configuration.BackloadSection, Backload, Version=2, ... />
  • Javascript: The controller has a new path: /Backload/FileHandler.
  • JQuery File Upload Plugin (Views): Release 2.0 uses the new Json field names introduced recently in the Client side plugin from bluimp: e.g. delete_url -> deleteUrl, thumbnail_url -> thumbnailUrl, delete_type -> deleteType, etc.
  • Bundeling: New bundle naming schema (~/Backload/Bundles/BackloadBundles.cs). Example: "~/backload/blueimp/bootstrap/BasicPlusUI" for the jQuery File Upload Plugin: Basic Plus UI theme.


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