IP Intelligence is a free Proxy VPN TOR and Bad IP detection tool to prevent Fraud, stolen content, and malicious users. Block proxies, VPN connections, web host IPs, TOR IPs, and compromised systems with a simple API. GeoIP lookup available.
PHP Python


IP Intelligence is a free tool that attempts to determine how likely an IP address is a proxy / VPN / bad IP using mathematical and modern computing techniques

  • Protect your site from automated XSS / SQL Injection / Brute Force / Crawlers that steal your content
  • Serve traffic / content to real users, not bots, which reduces server load
  • Stop bots from scraping your content or bots spamming your website
  • Prevent trolls / people that are trying to bypass a ban
  • Greatly reduce fraud on e-commerce sites (anti-fraud)
  • Since the system returns a real value, you can customize the level of protection for a particular time frame and adjust accordingly.
  • Use it with a combination of another fraud prevention service to make it even better. Some fraud prevention services do not explicitly look for proxy / VPN IPs.

The system is serving millions of API requests a week and growing as more people find it useful in protecting their online infrastructure.

Here are some example code to use getIPIntel in various code formats. They mainly serve as a proof of concept and should not be implemented directly into your system.


  • requires php5-curl


  • Please change the email variable to your own email
  • Read the documentation on the website for the latest features. If you wish to use flags, change query string.