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A Project represents a collection of source code, documentation, and web sites treated together as a unit. It’s what most people might call an ‘application’ or ‘library’.


  • id The unique ID for the Project.
  • name The project name. Currently limited to 40 characters, and must be unique on Ohloh.
  • created_at The time at which this Project was initially added to the Ohloh database.
  • updated_at The time of the most recent modification of this Project record.
  • description An optional description. Currently limited to 800 characters.
  • homepage_url An optional URL to the project home page.
  • download_url An optional URL to a website hosting project downloads.
  • url_name Depricated A short, unique name for this project. This name is used in Ohloh URLs. This field will be removed in a future release
  • vanity_name A short, unique name for this project. This name is used in Ohloh project URLs.
  • medium_logo_url An url to the project’s 64×64 pixels logo image.
  • small_logo_url An url to the project’s 32×32 pixels logo image.
  • user_count The number of users currently using this project.
  • average_rating A floating point value from 1.0 to 5.0, representing the average value of all user ratings. 1.0 is the worst possible rating and 5.0 is the highest possible rating. Will be null if no users have rated this project.
  • rating_count The number of users who have rated this project.
  • review_count The number of users who have reviewed this project.
  • analysis_id The unique ID of the current best Analysis for this project. If the project has never been analyzed, this element will be empty.
  • analysis For convenience, the current best Analysis for the project is included in this element. This object is present only when you have requested a single project — if the project was returned as part of a collection, the analysis object will not be present.
  • url The xml api url for the current Project.
  • html_url The url to the current Projects details page on Ohloh.
  • factoids The factoids for the current analysis of the project will be included under this node.
  <factoid type="FactoidTeamSizeVeryLarge">Very large, active development team</factoid>
  <factoid type="FactoidAgeVeryOld">Mature, well-established codebase</factoid>
  <factoid type="FactoidActivityIncreasing">Increasing year-over-year development activity</factoid>
  <factoid type="FactoidCommentsLow">Few source code comments</factoid>
  • tags The tags for the current project will be included under this node.
  • language The language breakdown chart for the current Analysis will be included under this node. The node will have the following children:
    • @graph_url This is the url to the PNG image that depicts the language breakdown for the current Analysis. The colors referenced in each languages @color attribute will be used in this image.
    • language Not every language will have a entry. Ohloh will will combine languages that do not make up a significant percentage into a aggregate entry “N Other”. This entry can be identified by either its @color, always “000000″ or @id, always “”. Each language will contain the following data
      • @color The color code that Ohloh uses to represent this language on the website. This color is also used in the language breakdown graph image.
      • @percentage The percentage of lines of code that the current language represents in the current Analysis
      • @id The Ohloh language id.
<languages graph_url="">
  <language color="F35F1F" percentage="40" id="44">C++</language>
  <language color="FF8F00" percentage="19" id="42">C</language>
  <language color="A4007E" percentage="14" id="6">JavaScript</language>
  <language color="000000" percentage="27" id="">28 Other</language>
  • licenses The Licenses for the current project will be included under this node.
    • name Full Name of the License
    • nice_name A human-friendly name of the License
      <nice_name>MIT License</nice_name>
  • project_activity_index The Project Activity Index (PAI) level
    • value The numerical value for the activity level. The values may be one of
      • 0 (NA)
      • 10 (New)
      • 20 (Inactive)
      • 30 (Very Low)
      • 40 (Low)
      • 50 (Moderate)
      • 60 (High)
      • 70 (Very High)
    • description The text description of the value as defined above
  <description>Very High</description>
  • links The links associated with the current project. Homepage and Download links are not included here.
    • category Link category on Ohloh
    • title
    • url
      <title>Tips n Tricks</title>


To get a single Project, including its current best Analysis:


Collection URL

To get a list of all Projects, not including their Analyses:


The Project collection request supports the standard collection request parameters, with the following details:

  • query If supplied, only Projects matching the query string will be returned. A Project matches if its name, description, or any of its tags contain the query string.

  • sort Project collections support the following sort options:

    • new
    • rating
    • active_committers Highest active committers in past 12 months, first
    • activity_level
    • stack_count
    • stack_count_reverse (default)
    • id
    • name
    • name_length Length of project name. Shorter name, first
    • updated_at
    • relevance