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A Repository represents an individual source control repository.

Once added to the Ohloh database, a Repository is permanent and unique.

A Repository is added to a Project by creating an Enlistment, which links the Project to the Repository. In this way, many Projects can share the same Repository.

Deleting an Enlistment from a Project does not delete a Repository, nor will it interrupt Ohloh download activity against that Repository. The Repository and all of its source code and metrics remain in the Ohloh database; only the Enlistment link is modified.


  • id The unique ID of the Repository.
  • type The source control type. Supported values are:

    • SvnRepository Subversion
    • CvsRepository CVS
    • GitRepository Git
    • HgRepository Mercurial
    • BzrRepository Bazaar
    • SvnSyncRepository Subversion ‘svnsync’
  • url The public URL for the source control server.

  • module_name For CVS repositories only, this is the module name. For all other repository types, this element is omitted.
  • username An optional username, if one is required to access the source control server.
  • password An optional password, if one is required to access the source control server.
  • logged_at The last time the Ohloh servers successfully queried the source control server for changes.
  • commits The number of commits which the Ohloh servers have successfully downloaded from the source control server.
  • ohloh_job_status If the most recent attempt by Ohloh to query the source control server for changes failed or was interrupted, this value will be failed. In all other cases it is success.


Repositories cannot be directly queried at this time. Access them by using the Enlistments methods.

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