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SVG Salamander

SVG Salamander is an SVG engine for Java that's designed to be small, fast, and allow programmers to use it with a minimum of fuss. It's in particular targeted for making it easy to integrate SVG into Java games and making it much easier for artists to design 2D game content - from rich interactive menus to charts and graphcs to complex animations.


  • Ant task to allow easy conversion from SVG to images from within Ant scripts
  • SVGIcon class greatly simplifies loading and drawing images to screen
  • A much smaller code foot print than Batik, and only one JAR file to include
  • Direct access to the scene graph tree. You can use Java commands to manipulate it directly.
  • An index of all named shapes in the SVG graph is easily accessible.
  • Picking shapes given (x, y) coordinates is possible, and can be used to implement graphical buttons selected by the mouse
  • Clip region sensitivity makes for fast rendering when only updating part of the image. This makes panning the camera quite efficient.
  • Easy rendering to any Graphics2D or BufferedImage. Unlike Batik, the SVG Salamander engine does not own the graphics context, so you can pass it whatever graphics context you like.
  • Internal and external links are implemented as URIs, which allows the engine to automatically import linked documents - even if they're stored on a remote server.
  • SVG can be read from an InputStream, so you can create documents dynamicly from an in-program XSLT transformation.

Current status

SalamanderSVG is part of the Salamander project hosted on

Projects using SVG Salamander

  • Apache Pivot - An alternate crossplatform GUI for Java.
  • VisiCut - A tool for laser precision cutting.
  • Xoetrope - An alternate crossplatform GUI for Java.
  • Power Line - A slide editor for SVG.
  • Tygron - Serious games illustrating urban planning and climate change.
  • NeoLogica - Medical imaging.
  • JOSM - Java OpenStreetMap Editor.
  • Freeplane - Java program for working with Mind Maps


SVG Salamander is avaible both under the LGPL and BSD licenses.