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SVG Salamander is a light weight SVG renderer and animator for Java.

This is the new official home page of the SVG Salamander project. It was previously hosted on - however, the scheduled to be shut down in the near future and the project will be hosted here from now on.

SVG Salamander was created back in 2002 and is still compatible with Java 1.4, so it's a great option for code that needs to be very backwards compatible. While SVG Salamander is able to handle many of the most common SVG uses, it does lack some features such as filters and scripting. (Adding support for these features would involve a major rewrite of the core code, which I can't really justify it at this time. However, if there is anyone who is really interested in this, please let me know).

Here are some instructions for integrating SVG Salamander into your project.

At the moment, I do not maintain a maven repository for this project. (Although others have forked the code and uploaded their own version to maven). I would like to, but I've made several attempts and have found the procedure to be completely baffling - especially for a Windows user. If there is anyone would like to see a maven repository and can point me to an easy-to-understand web page describing the procedure, please let me know.

SVG Salamander is distributed under the BSD license.

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