CLI for export\import graphite dashboards
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Graphite Dashboard CLI tool

This tool allow manage graphite dashboards from command line.

Cerrently it supports:

  • Show dashboard configuration in YAML format from local storage or remote Graphite
  • Import\Export dashboards from\to Graphite
  • Synchronize dashboards between multiple Graphite servers
  • Delete dashboards from local storage or remote Graphite
  • Keep dashboards in YAML format


You can install Graphite-Dashboard CLI tool with pip:

pip install graphite-dashboardcli



    show  - Show content of dashboard
    copy  - Copy dashboard from source to destinations
    sync  - Sync dashboard between multiple Graphite servers
    delete - Delete dashboard


Show content of specific dashboad:

# Show from local storage
$ graphite-dashboardcli show TestDashboard ./dashboards

# Show from remote Graphite
$ graphite-dashboardcli show TestDashboard http://graphite.local

Copy dashboard from\to:

# Copy from local storage to remote Graphite server
$ graphite-dashboardcli copy TestDashboard ./dashboards http://graphite.local

# Copy all dashboards from remote Graphite to local
$ graphite-dashboardcli copy '*' http://graphite.local ./dashboards

# Copy from one Graphite server to another
$ graphite-dashboardcli copy TestDashboard http://graphite1.local http://graphite2.local

Sync dashboards between graphite servers:

$ graphite-dashboardcli sync '*' http://graphite1.local http://graphite2.local http://graphite3.local

Delete dashboard:

$ graphite-dashboardcli delete 'TestDashboard' http://graphite1.local http://graphite2.local