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UXE - Advanced CSS Assets

For this section of the course, students will be required to create a single page Web Site that incorporates best practices for adding CSS to an HTML document.

Submitting assignments

Submitting assignments for this course will require leveraging some of the more advanced features of Github. These features will not only improve your knowledge of Git and Github, but also provide practice exercises for working on a distributed project with a large team.

How to submit an assignment

In order to submit assignments, please use the following steps

  1. Fork this repo so that you have a working version
  2. Clone the forked repo to your local computer
  3. Create a folder named with your name and the class designator, example dale-sande-b12
  4. Once completed with your assignment, commit code to the master branch and push to Github git push origin master
  5. From your fork of the project, initiate a pull request to the parent repo

Assignment review

When a pull request is initiated, I will be notified of the update and comment on the submitted assignment via Github tools.

Keeping your local repo up to date

Your local repo will be an independent version of the original repo from the moment you fork the repo. In order to keep your local repo up to date with the original repo, you need to do what is called an upstream pull.

To manage an upstream pull, I suggest updating your .bash_profile and your .gitconfig file with easy to remember aliases.


In your .bash_profile add the following alias

alias upstream="git remote add upstream \$@"

From the command line you simply need to refer to the alias and add the path to the upstream repo as shown in the following example.

$ upstream

Once the upstream repo is configured for your local repo, this never needs to be reset again, unless you delete your local repo.


In your .gitconfig add the following alias

pu = !"git fetch origin -v; git fetch upstream -v; git merge upstream/master"

From the command line, within the project repo, enter the following command to pull latest code from the upstream master.

git pu