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<h1>What Axle is not</h1>
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<li><h3>Hey, over here. I got Rolex watches and Git code.</h3></li>
<li><a href="" class="button">It's free ;)</a></li>
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<h5>Axle is NOT a framework, it's a visual API for your application</h5>
<p>I will follow up more on this later, but I wanted to put out there that Axle is not (at this time) intended to be a replacement framework for other more mature framework solutions out there.</p>
<p>Axle is a tool that I have come to use personally in my workflow of custom design and modular web application development. Axle has matured to be a visual API for the applications I develop. Some may even call it Test Driven Design.</p>
<p>I will get more in here in the upcoming days, but till then, I encourage you stop by my blog <a href=""></a> and follow along <a href="!/anotheruiguy">@anotheruiguy</a>.</p>
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