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BFGNotificationBar is a common drop-down notification library used in a number of my own projects. It has a number of color themes, has many customizable options (including gesture support), uses iOS 7 dynamics, supports both iPhone and iPad, supports both landscape and portrait orientation, and manages multiple successive notification bars in a queue.


Notification bars are managed through the BFGNotificationBarManager singleton. This manages the notification queues. To use it, you create as many queues as you need for your application (such as a queue per view or view controller), create a BFGNotificationBar object and then add the notification bar to the queue and it does the rest of the work setting up the bar and managing its display. An example:

BFGNotificationBarQueueHandle *handle = [[BFGNotificationBarManager sharedManager] createQueue];
BFGNotificationBar *bar = [BFGNotificationBar alloc] init];

bar.backgroundImage = [BFGNotificationBar backgroundImageForTheme:BFGNotificationBarThemeRed];
bar.message = [error localizedDescription];
bar.gesturesEnabled = YES;
bar.dismissAfterInterval = 6.0f;
bar.targetView = self.view;

[[BFGNotificationBarManager sharedManager] addNotificationBar:bar toQueue:handle];

Each queue is an instance of NSOperationQueue managed by the Manager. BFGNotificationBar objects are subclasses of NSOperation. The Manager exposes a number of methods to manage a queue, as well.


BFGNotificationBar requires iOS 7.


Copy the contents of the project to your project. You only need the classes; import the images in backgrounds/ if you want to use the built-in "themes."

Known Issues

  • The notificationImage property is not yet implemented.


BFGNotificationBar is licensed under the MIT License. While you are under no obligation to attribute the use of the library in your application, attribution is appreciated.


If you run into any issues, find me on Twitter under @blackfog or @blackfoggames. You can also email me at craig at blackfoggames dot com.