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Add hyphenation for English words.
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Add hyphenation for English words with hypher

U+00AD (SHY): an invisible, "soft" hyphen. This character is not rendered visibly; instead, it suggests a place where the browser might choose to break the word if necessary. In HTML, you can use ­ to insert a soft hyphen.

This plugin add U+00AD to all of the English words in your post title and content, so your browser will auto break the word and display a hyphen to make your post more harmony.

Why not use CSS3 auto-hyphen?

I use it for a blog written in Chinese with minor English words, and I should set the lang to zh-CN which disable the way to use CSS3 auto-hyphen.

Many Chinese website use word-break: break-all; to deal with the river and gap in the paragraph, but this plugin provides a better way.


$ npm install hexo-filter-auto-hyphenation --save
  • Hexo 3: >= 0.2
  • Hexo 2: 0.1.x


This filter only hyphenate the text, it won't hyphenate things in <code></code> and <pre></pre>.

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