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this app puts a Monitor Brightness icon on Taskbar Tray. for win 7, 8, 10
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this app puts a Monitor Brightness icon to on Taskbar Tray. So you can access it with 1 click. targeting laptops.

  • supported os: win7 , win8 , win10

  • requirements:

  • Note For VirusAlert, Developers:

    • dont open issues about virus total trojan alert etc. if you dont trust dont use it.

    • code version is first working version (maybe 1.01). but executable is always up to date

    • old code published here is free to play.

    • uptodate code is my private intellectual property. coding effort made without any money, wont be put here.


    bitcoin: 1A2CcDwWJ9MLuZaGUy5izNTZdWVnrQ9hWh

    bitcoin QR Code:

    alt text

Download Link All Versions


  • Supports ddc/ci monitors
  • Seperate Sliders For Multiple Monitors
  • Volume like Slider to Change Monitor Brightness
  • Option to Run At Startup
  • Ability to "Rescan/Detect Monitor" after a Monitor Plugged in/out


alt text

alt text

alt text


  • if slider working. but suddenly (you plug/unplug monitor/MirrorScreen in any way) then screen act up weird for second. you CAN get error while trying to change birghtness, you gotta press "Detect monitor".



  • fixed: parseError with nonUsa culture at dxvaMon.setbrightness


  • prevent log error
  • added: hide sliderform even when clicked on taskbar icon
  • fixed: in ltr system(ie arabic) taskbar is at other side .
  • added: taskbar icon tooltip-text shows pct of all sliders ( after first form_show)


  • fixing: null check richscreen.getbrighness>get_physicalmonitor()
  • added: sun image near each slider shows name on hover
  • fixed: (ddci problem )slider doesnt change birghtness at first time, i have to rightclick trayIcon > Press "detect Monitor"
  • added: Check For Updates , shows in rightclick menu.
  • fixed: new monitor populator
  • fixed: ddci brightness displaying -1 (may not work on all ddci monitors)
  • fixed: blurry text high dpi
  • fixed: i got 3 screens, but i have 5 sliders. (slider popualtion method changed )

v1.04 [most stable]

  • added: author page to menu item that shows version no.
  • trying to fix: fallback doesnt handle management not supported exception.
  • added: seperately change brightness of multiple monitors.
  • added: supports setting Brighness on ddc/ci Monitors(at startup, it may show -1, )
  • fixed: slider showing itself on second screen onhide
  • fixed: popup stays under taskbar, if taskbar is autoHiding
  • fixed: slider wasn't positioning itself according to taskbar position (Top Or Bottom Or Left Or Right of Screen)
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