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Scripts for creating a BOB node for BarterDEX

Installing MarketMaker

  1. Create a VPS (depending on how many coins you will run determines the size, 2 coins 2GB ram is fine)
  2. Add yourself a user and give it sudo access, installing a keypair with no password is a requirement!
  3. install git: sudo apt-get install git
  4. clone this repo: git clone
  5. cd ~/BOB_scripts/install
  6. ./
  7. If you are using komodo and its assets install it: ./
  8. cd ~/BOB_scripts/vps_scripts
  9. You can use the scripts in this folder to install many coins, more are being added all the time. Pull requests welcome. The format of these scripts is pretty self explanitory.
  10. Sync all the coins you are using the usual way.
  11. If you are deploying more bobs, shut down your VPS after all coins are synced up and make the amount of copies that you need then start up all the VPS's.
  12. You need to SSH to each VPS and issue a command to start marketmaker, this can be automated on startup however, I fine that marketmaker can crash and its easier/safer to SSH and start it manually like so screen ./start from the ~/BOB_scripts/vps_scripts folder. Starting it in a screen is best so you can return to it, and it stays up after logout.

Installing Local Copy to your Linux Computer

This part of the guide will need updating. We should make a simple GUI for managing a while bunch of marketmakers with just a few clicks. THIS PART REQUIRES YOU ARE USING STANDARD PORT 22 for SSH if you are not you need to edit sshtunnel script accordingly

  1. Install git and jq. For ubuntu for example: sudo apt-get intall git jq
  2. git clone
  3. cd BOB_scripts/scripts
  4. First cp passphrase_sample passphrase then edit the passprase file, its an array of passphrases for all your bobs. The first line is empty by design please leave it like that.
  5. First cp IP_sample IP then edit the IP file, each line here matches the line of the passprases file.
  6. ./login X where X is the number of your VPS starting at 1.If you only have one VPS, just use 1.
  7. When you are finished working in this VPS ./logout

Setting up your VPS

  1. The userpass for this VPS is set when you run the login command.
  2. Best practice is to copy the dexscripts folder to a new folder for this set of BOBS. As you can edit the scripts as required and then, issue the API calls to all BOBs with a script or manually as required after login.
  3. A better guide for this section will be made in the future. It's very dependent on what coins you use and what you want to acheive.

Funding your bobs

Follow the guide in the in the scripts folder.