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#pragma once
#include <mutex>
template <typename T>
class Unlocker;
template <typename T>
class LockBox {
LockBox() = delete;
explicit LockBox(const T& value) : m_value(value) {}
friend class Unlocker<T>;
T m_value;
std::mutex m_mutex;
template <typename T>
class Unlocker {
Unlocker() = delete;
explicit Unlocker(LockBox<T>& box) : m_box(&box), m_lock_guard(box->m_mutex) {}
explicit Unlocker(LockBox<T>* box) : m_box(box), m_lock_guard(box->m_mutex) {}
const T* operator->() const { return &m_box->m_value; }
T* operator->() { return &m_box->m_value; }
const T& operator *() const { return m_box->value; }
T& operator *() { return m_box->value; }
LockBox<T>* m_box;
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> m_lock_guard;
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