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Welcome to Darkfox Launcher

About the software

This software is written by Blacklight447; it is free to distribute and modify.
It is made for the people who want a comfortable way to access the Darknet,
without needing to change their configuration every time when switching to another network.
Darkfox Launcher is portable software; this means that no installation is required. Software included in the Darkfox package: the portable Firefox version by,
the proxy software from the Tor project, Invisible internet project, and the Freenet project.
CThe above mentioned proxy software and FirefoxPortable software are used and published under their own licenses.
This package is only meant to put all the software in one-easy-to-use package.
If you would like to contact me, for tips or questions, then you can mail me at

Download link:

Download from Github

Alternative download link:

Download from Mediafire

What is Darkfox Launcher?

Darkfox Launcher is a platform which is used to connect different software packages in one easy-to-use-package.

How does Darkfox Launcher work?

Darkfox Launcher works by first changing the default profile of the Firefox Portable software and with that, changing the default network configuration. Once this phase is done, Darkfox will proceed by launching the Darknet proxy software to make the connection to the Darknet chosen by the user. When completed, Firefox Portable will boot to the default startpage of that specific Darknet.

Why choose Darkfox Launcher?

Darkfox Launcher provides a way to access the Darknet on any Windows computer, without needing administrator privileges. This means that if you were have to quickly message someone over whatever darknet, you will be able to without needing to install anything. Another feature of darkfox is that it saves your history in a way that you can boot it up with your own modified version. For example: if you were to install a plugin like No-Script, then it will still be there the next time you boot up Darkfox.


Software licenses:

Portable Apps Launcher: GPL

Firefox: MPL,GPL,LPGL under the Mozilla EULA


Tor: BSD

Freenet: GNU General Public License

Darkfox Launcher: MIT