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Download videos from pornhub.
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Important Notice: This project is aim to study Node.js, so I will not update this project

重要通知:本项目旨在学习Node.js,从今日(2018-09-09)起不再维护。(年轻虽好,切莫强撸灰飞烟灭 😄

Download highest quality videos from pornhub.

Version 2.x is coming now!


This repo is just for studying, not for other purpose.





  • Support proxy setting.

  • Always choose highest quality video to download(720P usually).

  • Support keyword searching.

  • Show progress bar and download speed.

  • Skip repeat file.

  • Download one by one until error occurs or fetch nothing.

  • Download with custom URLs or custom page.

  • split big file to pieces, avoid downloading incomplete file


  • Node.js 7.6.0+.

  • Your network can access to


  • clone this repo.

  • install node modules:

npm install


  • run
npm start


If you only want to download specific video(s), you can edit src/feature/urls.js like this:

const urls = [

Add your URLs as array.

And then run:

npm run url


You can config some params on src/config.json.

proxyUrl: set up the proxy with port. For example: If you don't need to set up proxy,just keep it empty string.

timeout: set up request timeout.

search: the keyword for searching.

barWidth: the progress bar width, should be between 20 to 120, set up 60 by default.

barFullChar: the 'finished char' for the progress bar.

barEmptyChar: the 'unfinished char' for the progress bar.

downloadDir: the directory you want to save videos.

pathname: the pathname of the page you want to do download, for example: you want to download files from this page, then you can set pathname as /user/xxx/favorite.

Download speed

The speed depends on your local network or proxy.



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